Recently, Alison Moore kindly offered to speak to us here at WriteUpp about her experience with the software and how it has fitted into running her business. We had a question and answer session and it was really interesting to hear Alison’s story.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your practice

  • I am a humanistic counsellor, and I use Transactional Analysis as one of the tools to help clients achieve the results they want.
  • My background includes twenty years in business management, supporting people in both their professional and personal development. I used to work for BT running data networks for international customers before I retrained. I have particular expertise in supporting Executives and others who have quite an isolated life − at work and/or home.
  • I noticed the physical impact on colleagues of poorly managed organisational change and I looked into our psychology. After two years of studies I decided to change career direction and  I completed my formal qualification: FD in Humanistic Counselling with Transactional Analysis at the University of Winchester. And PG Cert Counselling Supervision, I have been in private practise for 6 years, working from my own purpose designed business premises in Dorchester, Dorset. I see clients for a range of issues and for short and long duration. I also teach mental health awareness and counselling skills. And as a hobby I am an active member in the local business community, an Exec member of the Chamber of Commerce.

2. What attracted you to WriteUpp

  • I have a business mentor – it’s what I suggest to clients and I like to model good practise. My mentor is in America and when we were talking about business management she shared how she works. The system she uses isn’t available here. I did some research on line and found writeupp. I chose it above several others that were out there because of the level of security and data protection. And the free trial meant I could see if it would work for me.

3. How much has WriteUpp changed how you and your practice have functioned on a day-to-day basis?

  • WriteUpp allows me to keep my accountant happy whilst freeing up ‘headspace’ to work with my clients. Because I have 3 jobs it is essential I am on top of my diary and the cloud based WriteUpp means that wherever I am, I can be sure when talking to clients of my availability.
  • The invoice feature means I can email invoices immediately to those clients who need them, saving much time in creating an excel one, no double keying saves me time and minimises errors.
  • WriteUpp hasn’t changed anything externally, it has changed everything internally.  It has meant that I give my clients better service because I am confident that my ‘business’ is sound and secure.
  • I want to move to allowing some clients to book their appointments direct, I have had a busy year and need to spend time thinking it through before I go live. I may offer a pilot service to one or two of my clients.

4. What do you enjoy most about your job?

  • Being privileged to be beside clients on their journey, being inspired by their courage and being hopeful when they leave that they have had a Good Place to look at their lives.

5. Do you have any hints or tips for anyone thinking about setting up their own practice?

  • Being a businessperson does not always sit naturally with therapists – to give good service to clients and have a successful business we have to manage conflicts that others don’t. You have CPD for your therapeutic work – have CPD for your business too, whether a peer group, mentor or business coach.

About Alison
Alison’s practice, A Good Place, based in Poundbury on the edge of Dorchester provides supportive, non-judgemental counselling with the aim of providing her clients with support to ensure their emotional well-being


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