Practice Management Software Comparisons

Let's get something straight before we begin:

Software comparisons from businesses with a competitive agenda are cheeky at best, and at worst completely misleading.

In fact, comparisons conducted by anyone other than yourself (or possibly your peers) have questionable validity.

Comparison chartComparison chart

Why are these comparisons a scam?

Because vendors that promote this kind of "analysis" are inherently biased.

Their sole aim is to distort your decision-making and lull you into a sense that they're being super nice and doing all the heavy lifting for you...

Plot twist: they're not! Have you ever seen a comparison grid that looks favourably at one or other competitors?

Your practice and your needs are unique and subtly different. Yes, every practice broadly does the same thing but no two people work in the same way and so your interaction with a system is very personal.


We like to do
things differently.

We don't guess which common features you might want, or "copy" what other systems are doing. Nope.

We implement features that we KNOW you want based on feedback from the 13,000+ clinicians that use our software.

The bottom line is this: We design solutions based on the problems you tell us you're experiencing, not on what "the other guys" are doing.

Now we know you're here because you want to make the right decision for your practice, and we know how hard it is to choose between all the options on the market.

So to help, we're going to take you through the five key things you need to think about before considering an investment in practice management software.

Our top 5 tips on what to look for in your practice management software


1. Does it offer the functionality you need?

In reality, practice management systems are pretty similar when it comes to their basic features. They'll typically include an appointment diary, a patient database, clinical notes and some financial reporting.

If you need more than that, some of the more cutting edge companies will offer:

Maybe give some thought to what you might need in the future, but don't commit to buying tons of stuff you're never going to need.


2. Is your data going to be safe and secure?

Storing patient information is probably one of the things you'll be wanting to do when investing in clinic management software, and it can be a major source of anxiety for practitioners.

There are laws like GDPR which govern this, and it's really important to choose a system that meets the privacy requirements you need (depending on your region).

There's a good chance that WriteUpp will meet these requirements for you, but take a look at our data & security information to confirm it is right for you.


3. Does it work on all of your devices?

Do you want to access your patient records or diary securely from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection?

Are you a Mac or PC user?

Do you want to use your stylus, dictate your notes, or annotate an image right there on the screen?

You'll want to make sure your private practice software works on, and with, all the devices you plan to use.

Even better: actually roadtest it on the devices that you use day to day to see how it performs.


4. Is it affordable?

Price shouldn't be your deciding factor, and our users tell us that this was less important when making their decision on what system to choose.

The system you choose will be important to your business, and the choice you make should be based on whether it offers more value than it costs depending on the features it has.

It's also important to consider that if the company is offering an initial discount, what will the price be after this discount has lapsed? Does the true price still make it affordable, and of good value to you?

If you'd like to know more about WriteUpp's simple and transparent pricing, check out our pricing page here.


5. Will you get ongoing technical support?

You're probably going to need support sometimes, especially when you're getting set up.

The top tip here is never subscribe and pay for any system without speaking to the support team first and seeing what it's like.

Want to know the truth about WriteUpp's support? Chat to us now!

Support is there for anyone, whether you've never been here before, are on your free trial or have been a subscriber with us for 10 years. We love everyone!

See the little chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page? Give it a click and see what we're like!


And finally...

Try before you buy! If you don't have the opportunity to take a free trial, think seriously about whether or not you're researching the right product(s).

Make sure there are no catches, no price discount gimmicks, and no need to enter your card details unless you decide to subscribe.

Make an educated decision based on what you've seen, tested and tried; not on what you've been told in an article online.

Here at WriteUpp, you'll get a 30 day free trial, which includes access to the entire system, 20 free SMS credits, and 1000 free video minutes so you can really put it to the test. Why not give it a go?

Thanks for coming this far and reading this article. If you'd like to find out more about WriteUpp and how it can help you and your practice check out our key features page.

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