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WriteUpp is brought to you by Pathway Software Limited. We've been
building clinical systems since 2009.
We started out developing patient records systems for therapists in the
NHS and we still supply systems to major health trusts in the UK
used by thousands of clinicians.
The company is privately owned, profitable and debt-free.

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Behind the wheel is Bob Bond, CEO of Pathway Software. Bob
previously worked for major tech companies like Oracle before
becoming the youngest CEO of a publicly quoted business in 2000.

In 2009, he co-founded Pathway Software with Jonas Pedersen (CTO)
a veteran of the health tech industry who previously developed
systems for audiologists and therapists in the NHS.

Rich Kimber joined the team in 2015 bringing with him a healthy dose
of critical thinking and a wealth of experience in web and mobile development
within a variety of sectors, including finance and retail.

Visual flourish The goal Visual flourish

To bring together our expertise to create a simple, cost
effective cloud-based service that would be easy for private healthcare
professionals to use, secure and compliant with regulatory best practice.
To improve patient experience by making it
easier to engage with practitioners and gain access to treatment.

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Bob Bond


Tech entrepreneur · loves simple software · long suffering Southampton FC fan · coffee addict · runner · golf novice

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Jonas Pedersen


Proud Dane · anglophile · Bill Gates' greatest fan · database wizard · excessive caffeine consumer · commited apres-skier!

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Richard Kimber

Product Architect

JavaScript nerd • baker • home brewer • international man of mystery • aspirational barge owner

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Emma Pratt

Service Champion

Bringer of joy and happiness to all WriteUpp users • TV addict • gin slurper • Ireland rugby fan • lover of 80's Rock N Roll, especially "The Boss"

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Jenni Bredin

Product Champion

Proud Scot • ardent Liverpool FC fan • fantasy football maestro • goal-poaching hockey player • avid book reader • mum of Jessica

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Ellie Macdonald

Service Champion

History geek • novice Welsh speaker • cheese addict • scandinavian literature fan • hill walker with Stan the border terrier

Photo of Ellie Visual flourish

Leanne Donaldson

Service Champion

Avid traveller • proud dog mum • Netflix binger • new recipe trier • countryside explorer • yoga novice

Photo of Ellie Visual flourish

Nicole Fleischer

Freelance Writer

Marketing junkie • aspiring psychologist • asker of big philosophical questions • avid consumer of books and tea • Disney and musical addict