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The Healthy Practice podcast from WriteUpp delivers industry-leading advice on how to start and run a private healthcare practice.

We talk to established clinicians about starting up, finance, marketing, and getting the perfect work-life balance (and everything in between!)

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  1. Menopause: How to advocate for yourself and your clients

    In our Season 2 finale, Ellie sits down with Dr Rebecca Lewis, Director at Newson Health, to discuss menopause; a topic still considered taboo by many.

    There is somewhat of a menopause revolution going on. Menopause clinics and therapists are popping up, celebrities are talking about the challenges they've faced, and myths about HRT are being busted.

    But what does this mean for you and your practice? Well, you may very well be experiencing menopause right now, have people in your personal life who are, or you could be treating patients who are struggling with symptoms. We can all do more to better equip ourselves with this overlooked area of women's health, and treat patients holistically.

    From misdiagnosed symptoms, to advocating for yourself at the GP and the workplace, we cover it all with Dr Rebecca Lewis.

    Links mentioned in this episode:

    You can find Newson Health on their website and Instagram, and follow Dr Rebecca Lewis and Dr Louise Newson too.

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  2. Human Touch in a Digital World: AI in Healthcare

    Will therapists survive AI? How can we embrace the advantages of this technology whilst maintaining our ethical standards?

    To answer these questions, Ellie is joined by Sarah D Rees, BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and host of the podcast Ask The Therapist.

    From ChatGPT to Marketing, Data Breaches, and all the ethical concerns AI comes with, we're going to cover it all.

    You can find Sarah on her website, on Instagram, her Substack ‘Therapists Corner,' and of course her podcast ‘Ask The Therapist Podcast.'

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  3. Starting a Social Enterprise

    What does it take to run a social enterprise in 2023? Ellie Macdonald is joined by Catherine Gray, Founder and CEO at Cup-O-T, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation focused on offering mental health services to children and young people.

    Some of you may already be involved in a social enterprise; be that running your own, offering services at one, or perhaps you've always had a yearning to have more of a social impact with your work.

    There is so much to learn in this space both as a therapist and a business owner. From funding applications and approaches to therapy, join us for a lovely chat to find out more.

    You can follow more of Catherine's work at and on social media at Cup-O-T Wellness and Therapy Services.

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  4. Building and Maintaining a Supportive Network when Working for Yourself

    There are so many things to juggle when working for yourself. From setting boundaries with your loved ones, to finding time in your schedule for personal commitments. Having a supportive network in both your professional and personal life is essential to keep you thriving and avoiding burnout.

    In this episode, Ellie sits down with Bibi Jamison, Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Relationship Therapist and Coach to discuss how to build and maintain this supportive network.

    Having a supportive network around you can mean you're not facing the big issues by yourself.

    You can find out more about Bibi on Instagram at @restoretolove and her website is

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  5. Managing Stress, IBS and Perfectionism in Private Practice

    Ellie sits down with Tina Wright, the IBS Therapist, to discuss the mind-body connection. Specifically, the impact perfectionism and stress can have on IBS symptoms. Ellie and Tina discuss why healthcare professionals may be prone to stress, ideas of perfectionism, and IBS symptoms.

    You can expect to learn strategies that you can implement to manage stress better and improve your overall well being.

    Tina's services are dedicated to helping people manage and overcome their IBS symptoms. You can find her at or

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  6. Healthcare Copywriting & Email Marketing

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Catherine Smith, Health Copywriter & Email Strategist.

    Catherine gives us her top Do's and Don'ts for effective email marketing for your healthcare practice. She also covers off why email marketing can be an effective way of building stronger relationships with your clients.

    Find Catherine over on LinkedIn:

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  7. Making a Big Career Change

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Margaret Reiser, a therapeutic counsellor based in London. Interestingly, Margaret wasn't always working in private practice. She's originally from New York, USA, and was trained as a lawyer.

    Margaret and Ellie discuss career transitions; from identifying what's holding us back, financial implications and retraining, to deciding whether making such a drastic career change is right for you.

    You can find out more about Margaret on her website: and she's on Instagram @sagelondoncounselling. She also writes advice in the Love Stuck column on Huffington Post.

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  8. Managing your Finances in Private Practice

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Gavin Simpson, CEO and Founder of financial solutions business FourFourFive, and Founder of Cloud Finance, a service offering remote accounting support.

    Gavin gives us advice on the financial processes that are essential to your practice running smoothly; from the very basics and common stressors, to deciding whether to outsource accounts.

    You can email Gavin directly at or get in touch at

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  9. Do you Need to Specialise?

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Johanna Sartori, an integrative psychotherapist and supervisor, working with individuals and groups and based in Twickenham.

    Johanna gives her thoughts on a common dilemma you might be facing: to specialise or not to specialise? From the doors it may open, to the possible constraints, Johanna and Ellie discuss the topic with balance, so you can make the right decision for you.

    You can find out more about Johanna here:

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  10. Connecting with Children and Young People

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Emma Bronze, Child and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapist and Founder of Heart to Heart Child Therapy.

    Emma and Ellie discuss the best ways to connect with young people. From using metaphors to art and play, Emma has some fantastic advice that can help practitioners in any field in our approaches to working with children and young people.

    You can read Emma's substack here:

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  11. Ethical Marketing in Healthcare

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Dr Rosie Gilderthorp, a Clinical Psychologist, podcaster, writer & award-winning social entrepreneur.

    Dr Rosie gives us a crash course in Ethical Marketing. It's a topic that's ever more prevalent in online conversations and one which we hope you'll find valuable. You can find out more about Rosie here:

    and her podcast is here -

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  12. Starting a Private Practice: When, Why and How?

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Sara Hagerman, a registered psychotherapist and counsellor. Sara worked for many years at the NHS, before deciding to make the jump and start her private practice. Ellie and Sara discuss the ins and outs of starting a practice, from finding the right location or working over Zoom to the correct paperwork and insurance needed to get you off the ground

    You can find out more about Sara here:

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  13. Systems, Processes and Private Practice

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Anna Bunch, a Virtual Assistant and director of PSYCH VA, where she provides specialist business support to therapists and psychologists. Together, they discuss how to run your small business, as Anna talks about all the systems and processes needed to help you work as efficiently as possible. The pair also discuss GDPR, patient onboarding, planning weekly tasks and loads more!

    You can find out more about Anna here:

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  14. Social Media and Marketing: How to Grow Your Private Practice

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Glenda Erwee, a registered psychotherapist based in London & Hertfordshire. Glenda is an experienced private practitioner, and has grown her business from the ground up. She discusses social media and it's importance of growing a modern day practice, as well as old school methods such as word-of-mouth. If you're looking at starting your own private practice, this is a great place to start and find your first clients.

    You can find out more about Glenda here:

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  15. How to Maintain Your Wellbeing and Run a Practice

    Ellie Macdonald speaks with Archna Patel from The Acupuncturists, a leading acupuncture clinic in London, about how to maintain our wellbeing whilst running a practice. From common challenges health practitioners face, to the importance of sharpening our own axe, we've got it covered.

    Archna is an award-winning acupuncturist from London. You can find out more about Archna and her clinic at

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  16. What I’d Tell My Start-Up Self

    On our first episode Ellie Macdonald speaks with Jo Aldred on all the things she'd tell her start up-self. From beliefs about money, to the power of mentorship, we've got it covered.

    Jo is a registered and accredited psychotherapist and an EMDR Therapist based in Brighton. You can find out more about Jo at and she also runs

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  17. Welcome to The Healthy Practice

    The Healthy Practice is the show that guides practitioners through every stage of practice management in the early stages of their careers. From finances, business growth, and mental well-being, each episode features an expert guest offering advice to help you build a thriving practice.

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