Alison Moore

“WriteUpp keeps my accountant happy whilst freeing up my headspace to work with clients.”

Alison Moore, Humanistic Counsellor at A Good Place

WriteUpp spoke with Alison Moore about her experience with the software and how it has helped her run her business.

Alison is a humanistic counsellor and uses Transactional Analysis as one of the tools to help clients achieve their desired results.

Her background includes twenty years in business management, supporting people in their professional and personal development.

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After two years of studies, she decided to change career direction and completed her formal qualification: FD in Humanistic Counselling with Transactional Analysis at the University of Winchester.

She has been in private practice for six years, working from her own purpose-designed business premises in Dorchester, Dorset.


What attracted you to WriteUpp?

I have a business mentor – it’s what I suggest to clients, and I like to model good practice.

My mentor is in America and shared how she worked when discussing business management. The system she uses isn’t available here. I did some research online and found WriteUpp.

I chose it above several others because of the security and data protection level. And the free trial meant I could see if it would work for me.

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How much has WriteUpp changed how you and your practice have functioned on a day-to-day basis?

WriteUpp allows me to keep my accountant happy whilst freeing up ‘headspace’ to work with my clients.

Because I have three jobs, I must be on top of my diary, and cloud-based WriteUpp means that wherever I am, I can be sure when talking to clients about my availability.

The invoice feature means I can email invoices immediately to those clients who need them, saving much time in creating an excel one; no double keying saves me time and minimises errors.

WriteUpp hasn’t changed anything externally; it has changed everything internally. It has meant that I give my clients better service because I am confident that my business is sound and secure.


Do you have any hints or tips for anyone thinking about setting up their own practice?

Being a businessperson does not always sit naturally with therapists – to give good service to clients and have a successful business; we have to manage conflicts that others don’t.

You have CPD for your therapeutic work – so have CPD for your business, too, whether a peer group, mentor or business coach.

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