Physitrack is scientifically proven to increase home exercise compliance and patient confidence, and you can use it seamlessly alongside WriteUpp!

As the leading exercise prescription software provider, it makes it easier for you to create and share customised exercise programs with your patients. 

Physitrack’s technology focuses on the patient experience and improves outcomes by helping practitioners spend time with patients more effectively and when it matters most: in person. 

Plus: you’ll get an exclusive discount with Physitrack if you are a WriteUpp user!

Here are the top six benefits of integrating Physitrack into WriteUpp:

1. Streamlined workflow

With the integration between WriteUpp and Physitrack, you can log in to Physitrack directly from within WriteUpp and have patients from WriteUpp created inside Physitrack automatically.

2. Customised exercise programs

You can create customised exercise programs based on your patient’s needs and goals. This means you can tailor your treatment plans to your patient’s needs, leading to better outcomes.

3. Enhanced patient engagement

Physitrack makes it easy for patients to access exercise programs from anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet. This means your patients can stay engaged with their treatment plan, even when not in your office.

4. Better compliance

With Physitrack, you can track your patient’s progress and see how well they follow their exercise program. This can help you identify areas where your patients need additional support or guidance.

5. Improved outcomes

By integrating WriteUpp and Physitrack, you can provide patients with a more comprehensive treatment plan, leading to better outcomes. This can help you build a reputation as a healthcare provider committed to delivering the best possible care to their patients.

6. Platform integrity

Details on the exercises or programs assigned inside Physitrack will be saved automatically in WriteUpp. This will help you preserve data integrity between both platforms and ensure you can find all the important information in one place.

How do I set up Physitrack within WriteUpp?

The integration between WriteUpp and Physitrack offers a range of benefits to healthcare practitioners. 

By streamlining your workflow, customising exercise programs, enhancing patient engagement, improving compliance, and achieving better outcomes, you can provide your patients with a higher level of care while also managing your practice more effectively.

If you are both a WriteUpp and a Physitrack user but haven’t set up the integration, you first need to connect WriteUpp to Physitrack

You can easily sign up here to become a Physitrack user. 

Don’t forget to claim your WriteUpp affiliate discount when you sign up!

About WriteUpp

WriteUpp is a tailor-made practice management software for physiotherapists.

It’s perfect for sole physiotherapists and multi-location clinics. It allows you to see information regarding your bookings, as well as your clients’ appointment history and upcoming appointments. No one will miss an appointment with automatic SMS and e-mail reminders.

By creating and annotating note templates, physiotherapists have saved hours and improved their note-taking quality effortlessly. 

Use our specialised physio note templates library, upload your notes templates, and annotate body images.

Practice management software will let you spend more time building your practice, attracting new clients, and earning more income.

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