Using our latest integration with, the top network of private medical imaging services in the UK and the USA, you can now refer your patients for private medical scans directly from WriteUpp. makes medical imaging accessible for clinicians and patients alike. You can now streamline the process from referral to results with no GP visits, no waiting lists, and no hidden costs.

The WriteUpp and integration comes with a whole host of benefits for your patients:

  • No paperwork, waiting lists, phone calls or GP visits
  • Give your patients a choice of over 150 UK scanning centres
  • Quick and easy referrals and fast digital results in one place
  • Due diligence carried out by their experienced clinical team

For clinicians, you’ll get the following:

  • Frictionless access to diagnostic imaging all in one place
  • Quick and easy referrals and fast digital results
  • An experienced clinical team who carries out referral vetting and verification
  • Reduced admin by putting patients in control while maintaining clinician visibility via status tracking and email updates

Bob Bond, CEO of WriteUpp, said of the partnership:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Their network of private imaging providers across the UK and US provides patients unparalleled choice and flexibility. By directly integrating their platform with WriteUpp, our users and patients can choose and book their preferred provider in minutes.”

Learn More About Our Partner:

The story of started in 2017 with two clinicians, Jasper Nissim (D.O.) and Dr Khalid Latief. They realised the challenges patients faced when trying to schedule scans. Patients worried about their health didn’t want to hear that they were on a waiting list or would hear back soon.

They founded with Charlie Bullock (CEO), Oliver Knight (COO) and Joe Daniels (Head of Front-End and UX) – the UK’s largest diagnostic imaging marketplace for private patients. They have since expanded into the USA market and are on a mission to become the leading global medical imaging platform.’s diagnostic imaging platform makes it simple to locate private MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound scans. With access to over 150 scanning centres, online booking is fast and straightforward. Plus, for added convenience, digital reports and images can be easily downloaded.

Charlie Bullock,’s CEO, said: is proud to announce our partnership with WriteUpp, a leading practice management software provider. This collaboration will enable WriteUpp’s 13,000+ clinicians to easily and seamlessly refer for diagnostic imaging at the point of care, increasing the quality of care that they can give to their patients.”

How do I get started with WriteUpp and

You can easily refer your patients for self-pay diagnostic imaging services in 6 simple steps:

  1. Activate the integration in WriteUpp.
  2. Create a referral by providing details of your patient and the scan they need from the patient’s record in WriteUpp.
  3. Your patient will receive an email to invite them to complete their booking.
  4.’s clinical team will review the referral and approve it as appropriate.
  5. Their selected centre confirms your patient’s appointment, and they have their scan.
  6. Once the results are in, the results will be emailed to you and updated in your patient’s WriteUpp file. You can also track the referral status and download reports from within WriteUpp.

Here’s a helpful video on how to do it:

You can also check out the setup guides in our help centre. 

Feel free to grab us for a live chat if you’re stuck. The button is in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 


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