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How to save time, reduce admin, delight your clients and stay compliant using WriteUpp

Before you get started


Welcome to WriteUpp!

Whether you’re starting a free 30 day trial or a new subscriber Jen & I have created this guide to help you get the most out of WriteUpp.

We hope you find it useful but if you can’t find what you need or if you have any questions you can Live Chat with us at or email us at and we’ll be delighted to help.

With thousands of users in over 25 countries, we understand that everyone has different motivations for using a practice management system. So, we’ve organised this guide around four key themes:

bullet-blue Streamlining your practice management
bullet-teal Time-saving tools & automation
bullet-orange Improving your client’s experience
bullet-grey GDPR, compliance and security

Each theme contains quick links to video guides and help centre articles depending on your preferred learning style.


Streamlining practice management

WriteUpp provides all the tools you need to streamline the management of your practice. Here are some useful guides to get you up and running quickly:

Registering a patient or document yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Searching for a patient yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Attaching a file or document yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Creating a clinical note or document yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Completing an assessment form or document yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Generating an invoice or document yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Keeping track of your performance yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb

Time-saving tools & automation

WriteUpp provides a whole host of features that will save you time and reduce the monotony of repetitive tasks like sending appointment reminders, getting pre-treatment forms completed. Here are some useful guides to help you begin automating your admin:

Address Look-Up & Auto Opt-in yt_icon_rgb
Automated Appointment Communications       yt_icon_rgb
Creating your own custom notes templates yt_icon_rgb
Creating your own custom forms yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Using Smart Forms for Pre-Treatment
yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
GDPR Consent via email yt_icon_rgb
Invoice Payment via Stripe yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Managing your practice on-the-go yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb

Improving your client’s experience

During your trial, you can try out all the goodies that we have that will help you delight your clients, generate more income and differentiate you from your competitors. Here are some useful guides to get you started:

Online Booking                                                     yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Invoice payment via Stripe yt_icon_rgb
Using Smart Forms yt_icon_rgb
GDPR Consent via Email yt_icon_rgb

GDPR, Compliance and Security

WriteUpp provides the GDPR tools you require as a data controller along with the features you need to help meet your professional record keeping requirements. Here are some useful guides to help you try out our capabilities and give you the peace of mind that WriteUpp is the right solution for you.

GDPR Tools – Access Request yt_icon_rgb
GDPR Tools – Data Deletion yt_icon_rgb
GDPR Tools – Consent yt_icon_rgb
Document Audit Trail yt_icon_rgb
Two-Factor Authentication yt_icon_rgb
Secure Messaging using Direct Messages           yt_icon_rgb yt_icon_rgb
Patient Confidentiality & Security yt_icon_rgb

We hope our guide has been useful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch via Live Chat at or via email at Alternatively, check out our webinar schedule to see upcoming events.

Em & Jen

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