A private consultant refers to a healthcare professional outside the public healthcare system, offering specialised medical expertise and services to patients on a fee-for-service basis. Private consultants often work in private hospitals or clinics and provide personalised medical consultations, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care to individuals seeking specialised medical attention.

Launching on this career path requires not just medical knowledge but also entrepreneurial skills. Knowing on how to start up and grow a successful private practice can provide a significant advantage, equipping healthcare professionals with the business insights needed to succeed in this competitive field.


Ellie is WriteUpp’s in-house Content Creator. Her research and writing for private practitioners focuses on marketing, business growth, data security, and more. She also hosts WriteUpp’s podcast The Healthy Practice; the show that guides practitioners in the early stages of their careers through every aspect of practice management. Outside of work Ellie writes a mental health blog, studies mindfulness and is a keen nature photographer.