WriteUpp vs TM3 alternative - an unbiased comparison

Let's get something straight before we begin:

Software comparisons from businesses with a competitive agenda are cheeky at best, and at worst completely misleading.

In fact, comparisons conducted by anyone other than yourself (or possibly your peers) have questionable validity.

Comparison chartComparison chart

Why are these comparisons so misleading?

Before we start, let's be clear about one thing:

Businesses who compare their software against competitors' products may be trying to mislead potential buyers into believing they're offering something better than they actually are.

Comparisons made by someone else besides yourself (and maybe even your peers), have dubious validity.

These kinds of analyses are inherently biassed.

They're not trying to help you; their sole purpose is to distract you from making an informed choice.

Have you ever seen an analysis comparing two companies' products/services side by side?

Sure, every practice has roughly the same goal, but not everyone works in exactly the same way and so each person's experience with any given software is completely unique.


Looking for a TM3 alternative? - We're doing things differently.

We don't just "guess" which features you may be interested in; we implement features that our users tell us they actually need.

Our focus isn't on copying others; our focus is on solving real customer problems for them.

But please don't go!

We know you're interested in making an informed choice when choosing which software to invest in.

So, we'd like to share some important points which you must consider when thinking about investing in practice management software.

Our top 5 tips on what to look for in your practice management software


1. Does it offer the functionality you need?

At first glance, practice management systems aren't all that different from each other in their core functionality.

Typically they include an appointment calendar, a patient database, medical records, and some financial reports.

Some of the most cutting edge companies will offer:

See more Practice management features here.

You don't have to buy everything you need now, but it's definitely worth bearing in mind what you might like to invest in in the future.


2. Is your data going to be safe and secure?

Patient information needs to be stored safely and securely, which might mean having an effective clinic management system in place to ensure that happens.

Depending on where you live, there will be specific rules governing how companies must handle customer data; for example, here in the UK you must comply with GDPR.

We think there's a good chance WriteUpp will fit into your business needs, so check out our data & security information page to see if we're right for you.


3. Does it work on all of your devices?

Would you like to be able to access your patient records and/or diary securely from anywhere, at any time, using any type of device with an internet connection?

What kind of computer do you use? Mac, or PC?

What kind of device would you prefer for dictating your notes? A stylus, typing on a keyboard or maybe annotating an image on screen?

Make sure your private practice software functions well across all of the devices you intend to use by testing it to see how it performs.


4. Is it affordable?

Try not to base your choice solely on price; instead, consider which features are most important for your business needs. Your system should offer more value than it costs, depending on the features it has.

If the company offers an initial discount, what the final price will be once the promotion period ends is something well worth considering.

Is the real cost still within reach for you, and is it worth paying?

To learn more about WriteUpp's simple and transparent pricing structure, visit our pricing page.


5. Will you get ongoing technical support?

We all need a little help sometimes!

Never sign up for anything without talking to the support team first.

We're always available to help people, whether they've never used our service before, are using their first month of trial access, or have been subscribers since day one.

Clicking on the small chat icon at the bottom right hand side of this page will open up a chat window where you can ask questions and try us out for yourself!


Just one more thing…

You'll definitely want to give whatever system you're interested in a go first.

Take out a free trial, then be sure to research the product thoroughly before deciding if it fits your practice needs.

There shouldn't be any hidden costs, discounts, or deals; just one monthly subscription fee for access to the system.

Don't base your decisions on things you've read online. Instead, base them on what you've actually done and experienced yourself.

Here at WriteUpp, you'll get a 30 day free trial, which includes access to the entire system, 20 free SMS credits, and 1000 free video minutes so you can really put it to the test. Why not give it a go?

If you'd like to find out more about WriteUpp and how it can help you and your practice, check out our features page.

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