An unbiased analysis of WriteUpp vs QuNote

Let's get something straight before we begin:

Software comparisons from businesses with a competitive agenda are cheeky at best, and at worst completely misleading.

In fact, comparisons conducted by anyone other than yourself (or possibly your peers) have questionable validity.

Comparison chartComparison chart

These comparisons are misleading, because they don't actually compare anything at all!

In any comparison of WriteUpp and QuNote, the bias will be towards the author of the article.

You shouldn't really consider comparisons made by anyone but yourself (or perhaps by your peers).

These comparisons are misleading since they do not actually compare anything.

Although they claim to be here to help you choose which product or service is best for you, they're really just trying to sell you theirs.

Have you ever seen an analysis chart where one competitor was clearly better than another?

Your practice and needs are as unique as you are.

Although most practices have the same goal, not all approach it in the same way. Each individual has a different experience with a particular system.


Looking for an alternative to QuNote? We like to do things differently.

Our software does not try to guess which features you'll like or try to copy what QuNote does.

Our platform develops new features based on user feedback.

We approach our designs from the perspective of solving real customer problems, rather than copying what others do.

You're making the right choice by looking into different software solutions, and we understand why!

You can use these tips to help you decide which one is right for your business.

How should I choose a practice management system?

Check out these five tips:


1. Does it have all the features you need?

Practice management systems aren't really too different from each other when it comes down to their core functions.

Typically they include an appointment calendar, a patient database, medical records and some financial reports.

Some of the more cutting edge companies will offer things like:

See more Practice management features here

Don't buy a load of stuff you're never going to use; but do think about what you may want later on down the line.


2. Will your data be secure?

When buying clinic management software, storing patients' medical records securely may be among the top things you want to address.

It's important to select a system that complies with local regulations regarding personal data protection, for example GDPR.

WriteUpp is likely to be able to help you achieve this, but check out our data & security information to see if it matches up with your needs.


3. Does it work on the devices you want to use?

Are you a PC user or do you work on a Mac?

Would you like to be able to access your patient record or diary securely from anywhere at any time using just an internet connection?

Which method would you prefer for taking notes — using a stylus, dictating them into the software, or drawing annotations directly onto images?

Make sure your private practice software runs well on every device you intend to use.

It would be even better if you could test it out yourself by using the actual device(s) that you use every day.


4. What's the price tag?

You don't need to base your choice solely on price; instead, consider features, ease of use, support, etc., which are far more important factors for our users than price.

You need to decide which software solution best fits your needs by considering its cost versus its benefits.

If the company offers an initial discount, then what will the final cost be once the promotion ends? Does the full price still work for you?

To learn more about WriteUpp's simple and transparent pricing, just visit our pricing page.


5. Is there any kind of ongoing technical support?

If you're not sure where to start, there will be times when you want help setting things up.

Never sign up for anything without contacting the support team first and finding out if it works well.

Want to know the truth about WriteUpp's support?

We offer ongoing free support for everyone, regardless if they've ever used our service before, are currently using the free trial, or have subscribed to us for ten years. We love everyone!

Clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right hand side of this page will open up a chat window where you can ask us anything you like! Chat to us now!


Bonus Tip!

Before buying anything, always take a free trial first.

There shouldn't be any hidden fees or discounts, nor should you be required to enter any credit card details until you actually want to sign up for the service.

You need to base your decisions on what you've actually experienced, rather than just reading something online.

At WriteUpp you get a 30 day free trial, including full access to our platform, 20 free SMS credits, and 1,000 free video minutes so you're able to fully assess its capabilities.

If you'd like to find out more about WriteUpp and how it can help you and your practice, check out our features page.

Good luck in your search for a practice management system which works for YOU!

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