WriteUpp vs Bacpac alternative - an unbiased comparison

Let's get something straight before we begin:

Software comparisons from businesses with a competitive agenda are cheeky at best, and at worst completely misleading.

In fact, comparisons conducted by anyone other than yourself (or possibly your peers) have questionable validity.

Comparison chartComparison chart

It would be unfair for us to compare our product against BacPac's.


Software comparisons made by either WriteUpp or BacPac are likely to be biassed at best, if not entirely misleading!

In fact, any comparisons made by someone else besides yourself (and maybe even your peers) just don't hold up under scrutiny.

Have you ever seen a comparison chart favouring one company over another?

Their main objective isn't helping you choose the right solution for you; instead, they're simply trying to sell their own product:

You're not just another number or statistic; your practice is unique.

Ok, each practice broadly aims at achieving the same goals; however, people use each system differently, and their experiences vary depending on which method they choose.


Looking for BacPac Alternative? - We like to switch it up.

We don't guess which features you might want; nor do we copy what BacPac has implemented.

We develop new features for our platform based on feedback from our user base.

We design our features by focusing on solving actual user problems, instead of copying what the other guys might be doing.

But don't go!

Now that you've decided to look into practice management solutions, we want to help you choose the best option for your practice.

We're going to take a look at the five key points to think about before deciding whether to invest in practice management software.

5 tips on what to look for in your practice management software


1. Does it offer the functionality you need?

There isn't much difference between practice management software packages when it comes down to the basic functionality they offer.

They typically include an appointment scheduler, a patient database, health records and some financial reporting tools.

Some of the most advanced companies will include things like:

See more Practice management features here

Don't invest in tons of features you don't need right away; but do consider what you might need later on.


2. Is your data going to be safe?

Amongst the most important features when choosing clinic management software, ensuring patient privacy and security is probably pretty near the top.

You need to choose a platform which meets local laws and regulations regarding personal data protection; for example, GDPR.

WriteUpp is probably going to be able to help you achieve this, but we'd recommend checking out our data & security page before subscribing.


3. Will the system work on all of your devices?

Do you want to be able to access patient records and your diary securely from any device connected to the internet?

Do you use a PC or Mac?

When you write patient notes, which method would you prefer - writing them down using a pen/stylus, dictating them through voice recognition software, or annotating images?

If your private practice software doesn't run smoothly on every device you plan to use, then don't use it.

You'll get a good idea of what works or not by testing it out for yourself instead of reading someone else's experience, so take a free trial and use it on all the devices you're likely to use day to day.


4. Is the price right?

Make sure you choose the most appropriate software solution for your business by comparing their costs against their benefits.

Don't just look at prices when choosing; instead, think about things like features, ease of use (or lack thereof), customer service, etc. These were far more important factors to our users than cost were.

Does the company offer an initial price discount? What will the final price be when the discount ends? Is this final price still affordable for your business?

If you want to know more about WriteUpp's simple and transparent pricing, just head to our pricing page.


5. Will you get ongoing technical support?

Like everybody when starting something new, there are going to be times when you need a little bit of help.

Don't subscribe to any service without checking out the customer support first.

Want to know about WriteUpp's support?

Our technical support is available to anyone who wants it; whether they're new to our service or have been a subscriber since day one.

If you click on the chat button at the bottom right corner of this page, you'll be able to talk directly to our team! Go on, give us a try!


One more thing before you go…

Always take a free trial before purchasing your new software.

You'll be able to gauge whether it will work for you, whether the features are what you are looking for and also if it fits in with your workflow.

You shouldn't expect any hidden costs or discounts, nor should you be required to provide any personal financial info before signing up.

It's important to base your decision making on actual experience instead of relying on comparison articles online.

At WriteUpp you'll get a 30 day free trial, including full access to our platform, 20 free SMS credits for testing purposes, and 1,000 free video minutes so you're able to fully assess its capabilities.

If you'd like to find out more about WriteUpp and how it can help you and your practice, check out our features page.

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