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CPD Certified Webinar: Using technology to enhance your practice

Find out how therapists are using technology to eliminate problems like time-sapping admin and no-shows, whilst delivering better therapy and care to their clients.

How to streamline your practice, save time and delight your clients

Learn how to use automated email/SMS confirmations and reminders, streamline your client onboarding and delight your clients by sending them pre-treatment forms and questionnaires to complete securely online.

Reducing “no shows” with automated communications and smart forms

SMS & Email confirmations ensure your patients never miss an appointment! Learn how to easily create customised forms for your patients to complete in their own time from any device.

Improving cash flow by streamlining your invoicing and taking cashless payments

Learn how to generate and send branded invoices to your patients, how to automate your payments, and how to set up pre-payment to reduce no-shows.

Enhancing your clients experience with online booking and video consultations

Make life easier for your patients (and yourself!) by allowing them to book appointments online, and meet you for a video consultation directly from within WriteUpp.

Eradicating the worry of GDPR and data security

Security is at the core of WriteUpp, and in this 30 minute webinar we'll show you how to handle your practice safety hassle free with top level technology and security.

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