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Bob bond

Bob Bond


Tech entrepreneur • loves simple software • Southampton FC fan • coffee addict • Solo dinghy sailor • slow runner.

Jonas Petersen

Jonas Pedersen


Proud Dane • anglophile • Bill Gates' greatest fan • database wizard • excessive caffeine consumer • committed apres-skier!

Richard Kimber

Richard Kimber


JavaScript nerd & rubyist • cooker of food • reader of comics • groomer of beards • writer of blogs • aspirational barge owner

Emma Pratt

Emma Pratt

Service Champion

Bringer of joy and happiness to all WriteUpp users • TV addict • Gin slurper • Ireland rugby fan • Momma of Rory & Harley (the St Bernard) • Lover of 80's Rock N Roll, especially "The Boss"

Isobel Bond

Jenni Bredin

Product Champion

Proud Scot • ardent Liverpool FC fan • fantasy football maestro • sporadic hockey player • avid book reader • mum of Jessica

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