Victor Thompson

“My no-shows have decreased, and my income has increased!”

Victor Thompson, Psychologist at Dr. Victor Thompson

We spoke to Victor Thompson about his experiences with WriteUpp and what it has done for him.

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Victor is a Clinical Psychologist who sees clients with common psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and OCD. He also works with athletes and sportspeople of all levels to overcome challenges, performance anxiety, injury, trauma, low mood, and eating disorders.

He treats a great mix of people who want to return to their usual selves and perform (sports and non-sports people alike).


Is WriteUpp the only practice management software you have used, or did you previously use a different system?

It is the only system I have used for my private practice. I have used several systems within the NHS, where I worked for 17 years.

What motivated you to find a practice management system?

There are several reasons:

  • To record who I see and when, so I keep on top of my diary.
  • To streamline the information that goes to my clients. I know they receive the same information consistently about how the appointments work, my cancellation policy, etc.
  • To reduce no-shows or DNAs, clients are automatically reminded about the appointments.
  • To save me time. Less administrative tasks that I have to remember to do, less calls or messages from clients to check appointment times that are an unnecessary hassle for them and me.
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What made you choose WriteUpp?

When I looked around at the practice management software on the market, WriteUpp had all the features I wanted (appointment diary, email and SMS confirmations and reminders).

It also had some others that would be useful (e.g. invoicing directly and assessment forms).

The price was fair, and I could see how it worked on the website. The free trial helped me to test the software to confirm my decision to go with WriteUpp.

Did you find it an easy decision, or were there some stumbling blocks or areas of concern for you before subscribing?

It was easy and straightforward. The help and FAQ pages are also beneficial.


What were the top three things you looked for in a practice management system?

  • Appointment diary
  • Confirmation and reminder SMS and emails
  • Invoicing and electronic billing

What would you tell fellow practitioners about WriteUpp if they consider a practice management system?

It’s time-efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and essential for setting up and growing your private practice.


How has your working life changed since using WriteUpp?

I have gained time by streamlining my admin (WriteUpp does much of this through automatic confirmations and reminders).

My no-shows have decreased, so my income has increased!

Are there any WriteUpp features that benefit you or that you like most?

I am billing health insurers via WriteUpp with Healthcode linked, and I love the smart forms, although I still need to start using them to the max.

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Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience with WriteUpp?

The support team is very helpful and responsive. The online chat, FAQs, emails, videos and interactive sessions are brilliant.

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