Philip Newton

“Clinical note-taking has been dramatically shortened.”

Philip Newton, Physiotherapist at Newton Physiotherapy

Philip Newton spoke to us about his experience with WriteUpp and how it has helped him run his practice.

Philip provides physiotherapy, sports injury rehabilitation and pain management services to professional and elite athletes and is based in Saltburn.

His practice, Newton Physiotherapy, takes referrals from local medical practitioners, but most of their clients refer themselves. They are also a BUPA-recognised Physiotherapy Clinic.

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What motivated you to find a practice management system?

We wanted a paperless, web-based solution to avoid dealing with the hassles of the installation and upkeep of programme / PC-based systems.

Is WriteUpp the only practice management software you have used, or did you previously use a different system?

I have used TM2 at other clinics.


What made you choose WriteUpp?

It was intuitive and easy to use, and it was competitively priced.

Did you find it an easy decision, or were there some stumbling blocks or areas of concern for you before subscribing?

It was an easy decision based on our previous experiences with other management software.

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What were the top three things you looked for in a practice management system?

  • Simplicity
  • Adaptability
  • Cost

What would you tell fellow practitioners about WriteUpp if they consider a practice management system?

The WriteUpp learning curve isn't steep, and the system is designed to take minimal administrative effort, which is vitally important to clinicians who want to maintain a healthy clinic-to-admin time balance.


How has your working life changed since using WriteUpp?

We spend much less time collating data for our accounts than we did with our old paper systems, and our clinical note-taking time has been dramatically shortened.

Are there any WriteUpp features that benefit you or that you like most?

The dashboard feature is excellent for getting quick, real-time financial updates.


Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience with WriteUpp?

We rarely require technical support, but when we have, it has been quick, friendly and efficient.

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