Laura Newman

“Everything is pulled together, in one place, with immediate access and unlimited secure storage.”

Laura Newman, Speech and Language Therapist at Ready Steady Connect

Laura Newman spoke to us here at WriteUpp about her experience with the software and how it has helped her run her business.

She’s an independent Speech and Language Therapist in Devon, specialising in working with children with complex needs and associated social and emotional challenges. Laura works with an Educational Psychologist in Australia who has recently joined her WriteUpp platform as an additional user.

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Is WriteUpp the only practice management software you have used, or did you previously use a different system?

I used a different system called MyTherapyTracker for about a year and switched over about a year ago.

What motivated you to find a practice management system?

I wanted to have all my client records online to streamline my business. It was clear that this was how my profession was moving, so I wanted to keep up-to-date. I wanted to avoid sending invoices in the mail and generally see what a digital practice management system could offer.


What made you choose WriteUpp?

I wanted a new digital practice management system that would be easier to use and offer more choices than what I was currently paying for. I posted a request for recommendations on our private members forum. Many of them recommended WriteUpp.

I also saw an advert in our professional magazine, Bulletin, and watched a video about WriteUpp. It offered what I was looking for at much less than I was paying. When I tried it out, it seemed relatively easy to navigate.

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Did you find it an easy decision, or were there some stumbling blocks or areas of concern for you before subscribing?

It was pretty easy to decide. Once I started and played around with the basic features, I could see it was something I could do.

What were the top three things you looked for in a practice management system?

  • Ease of setting up new clients and general navigation
  • Ease and flexibility in writing client notes
  • Great customer service

What would you tell fellow practitioners about WriteUpp if they consider a practice management system?

It does what we need in our profession and much more.

My clients can book online with automated reminders, and I love the templates. Invoicing is easy, and consent forms are robust and confidential to send.

I can create my own assessments, save them in an assessment section, and add additional users to share clients.

All client emails can be sent from here, and I can see if the client has opened them. It is the ultimate way of recording all communications concisely, with lots of built-in management flexibility and some essential add-on tools.

The customer service is awesome.

As a management system, everything is pulled together, in one place, with immediate access and unlimited secure storage.


How has your working life changed since using WriteUpp?

My filing cabinet is almost empty. I feel confident about my clients’ information being stored professionally and easily accessed.

It has increased my confidence in managing my caseload. It has allowed me to share clients with my business partner. It allows me to improve my services by editing existing documents or adding new ones.

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Are there any WriteUpp features that benefit you or that you like most?

  • Online booking
  • Creating assessments
  • Invoicing
  • Creating tasks
  • Messaging
  • Uploading files
  • Notes
  • Sharing responsibility

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