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WriteUpp- What will my clients see when they use Online Booking?

Online Booking is a great addition to your WriteUpp package. It’s one, in our opinion, you shouldn’t be without! For a nominal extra fee of £4.95 + VAT/month your clients will be able to book directly into your diary 24*7!

Once you have configured Online Booking, your clients will be able to:

  • Check and book availability
  • Find out more about your practice
  • Find out more about your treatments
  • Find out more about your team
  • Find out more about promotions that you may be running

This blog will show you how Online Booking appears and functions from the point of view of your clients.

Your Online Booking URL

Your online booking URL takes the first half of your WriteUpp URL, but replaces “” with “”.

For example, if your WriteUpp URL is “”, your online booking URL will be “”. This is the URL that you should provide to your patients through a link on your website, in social media profiles or in any email correspondence.

You can also get access to your admin area by going to Settings->Add Ons

What treatment would they like & when would they like to book?

When visiting your online booking URL your clients will be taken to the following page:


Here, all they have to do is select when they would like to be treated, what treatment they would like and then just click on “Find the Next Available Appointment”

Don’t worry, if you don’t have availability on the day they request the system will suggest alternative dates!

The information shown at the top of the page in the black bar is pulled from WriteUpp so there’s no need for you to re-key anything like your Practice Name, Phone Number and Email.

You will also notice that there are drop-down menus for Appointment Types and Team (if you only have one appointment type or you’re a sole practitioner these won’t appear as drop-downs). Again, this information has been pulled from WriteUpp and in the admin area you can supplement the content with additional media like images and explanatory text.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the optional promotional box that you can use to spread awareness about offers or new treatments that you may be offering. Again, this is configured in the Admin Area but if you don’t want to use it you don’t have to!

Choosing Availability

Once your client has clicked on “Find the Next Available Appointment” they will see you and your teams availability ordered with the earliest appointments first.

If they wish to change the search criteria these can be modified using the filters (on the left hand side of the screen) just as they would with an airline booking system.

Honeyanddesk filters

They can also see more information about each appointment by clicking on “More Info”. Information  on how to add this information can be found here:

Where can my Clients find out more information on their Clinician?

This will bring up a dialogue as below:

More info box OB

This will provide your client with a profile of the clinician, details on how to get to the practice (including a Google Map) and additional information about the appointment.

Your diary will display as a list of dates on a daily basis but for those clients that prefer to see a weekly view of availability (as they did in the previous version of online booking) they can click on “Go To The Weekly Schedule” at the bottom of the screen to view your availability in a diary style view, as below:

HoneyandDesk Weekly OB

Regardless of which view your client uses all they need to do is click “Book >” to move to the next stage of the booking process.

Verifying their Identity

Having clicked on “Book >” your client will be asked to enter their mobile phone number for validation purposes. This reduces the risk of erroneous or false bookings, and also provides a unique identifier to match your client to any existing records in your instance of WriteUpp.

If your client prefers to validate their identity via email this is also possible. All they need to do is click on “use your email address instead”

OB Honeyanddesk Identity

Having entered their mobile number and clicked “Get Verification Code via SMS” a text message will be sent to their phone within a few seconds containing a Verification Code.

This should be entered into the Verification Code field shown below and then your client just needs to click on “Verify Your Identity”

OB verifycode

Checking the Details

The Details of your client’s chosen appointment are then summarised, including the Appointment Type, Time, Date and Clinician.

If the client already exists in WriteUpp with a matching mobile number/email address their details including Name, Date of Birth and Email Address will be presented to them.

If they don’t exist in your WriteUpp instance, the client will be able to enter their details which will automatically create a new record for them in WriteUpp. They can also enter any Additional Information which will be visible to you in WriteUpp.


 Booking is Complete


Here your client can see a summary of their booking. They can also print the booking details and if they wish to do so they can add the booking directly to their Outlook, Apple iCal or Google Calendars.

Ready to get started?

Getting started with Online Booking couldn’t be easier! The following article will explain all!

Getting Started with Online Booking

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