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WriteUpp + Stripe: What are you waiting for?

Card Payments with WU & Stripe

It’s fair to say that the Stripe integration that we recently rolled out has been a roaring success.

Feedback has been incredibly positive and uptake (i.e. clients that have connected their Stripe accounts to WriteUpp so that they can take card payments) has been phenomenal. Here’s a mashup of what users are telling us?

Stripe Pay Button

Adding a Stripe “pay button” to my invoices:

  • Makes it easier for my clients to pay! There’s no need for bank transfers or digging out their cheque book. I email the the invoice and all they need to do is click the button, enter their card details and they’re done.
  • Takes the friction out of the payment process which means clients pay quicker and there’s less need for me to manually chase payment.
  • Cuts out unnecessary admin. When a client pays by Stripe their invoice is automatically marked as “Paid” – there’s nothing else to do!
  • Wins back that couple of minutes at the end of a session when I normally take payment. Instead, I send my client on their way and tell them there invoice will in their inbox when they get home and they can pay by clicking on the pay button.

If you fancy enjoying the same benefits in your practice take a look at the article below:

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Payment Up-front in Online Booking

Activating pre-payment (via Stripe) when my clients book online has:

  • Significantly reduced my “no shows”. There’s nothing worse than getting up early to head into clinic for 8am and finding that your first client has not turned up.
  • Make life much easier for my clients. They can just turn up for their treatment and leave after the session without having to worry about payment.
  • Improved my cashflow. I’m now getting paid up-front when previously I was being paid in arrears and many of my clients were slow payers so this is likely to result in cashflow improvement of 20-40 days. When you consider how much income I’ll earn over this period this isn’t something to be ignored, particularly I’m also incurring up-front costs for the treatment that I’m offering.

If you’re not using online booking yet, check out the video guide below:

If you want to activate pre-payment in online booking please take a look at the article below:

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Lastly, if you want to know more about Stripe or the cost of using Stripe to take card payments check out the articles below:

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If you need any assistance or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

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