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WriteUpp: New Features in Latest Release (v1.96)

This “small” release features a number of handy features that you’ve requested along with some “under the covers” preparations for features that we are going to be releasing in the coming months. These include an all new online booking engine, revised (and greatly simplified) patient tab and customisable fields.

New Features

Simple Discounting

We know everyone isn’t a maths whizz so we’ve made it really easy to apply discounts to your invoices.


When you have generated your invoice if you want to apply a discount just click on the “Select a discount” drop-down and choose from discounts between 5 and 95%. When you do this an extra line item will be added to your invoice showing the exact value of the discount.

To make life a bit easier we’ve also added a delete icon alongside each row in case you decide you want to remove it from the invoice.


Default Appointment Type

You now have the ability to specify which appointment type is your default appointment type.


For example, if your most frequently used appointment type is “Botox” you can specify this as your default appointment type. It doesn’t stop you from selecting different appointment types but if you create an appointment without changing the type it will always go for your default setting which in this instance would be “Botox”.

Enhanced Email

We’ve improved the way you send emails (from within WriteUpp) so that it’s totally consistent with the emailing of invoices, notes, documents etc. Now, when you select the recipient (or cc/bcc) you can select from an address book that allows you to choose from:

  • Patient/Client
  • Third Parties
  • Next of Kin
  • Colleagues

or you can just manually enter an email address.

You also have the ability to use templates in your emails so if you send the same email to an insurer or GP again and again you can create a template so that you save some time.

The new user interface (which you access via +Create->Message) now looks like this:


We’ve also switched the order of the tabs when you create a message so that “Email” is the default message type as we figure most people are going to want to use Email before they use SMS or an Internal Message.

Don’t forget….all emails sent from within WriteUpp are added to the client/patient record in the Messages tab of the client/patient summary.

Email Attachments

Many of you have started using WriteUpp as a repository for all your client related files by attaching them to the patient record. However, up until this release you haven’t been able to email to these “attachments” directly from within WriteUpp. Now you can and better still we also make a log entry in the Messages tab of the Patient summary.

So, if you’ve uploaded a report and then you need to send it to a solicitor (for a Medico-Legal case) you can manage the whole process from within WriteUpp and have a fully auditable record of everything that has happened.

Switched SMS Provider

More and more of you are using texts for appointment reminders, confirmations and verification (online booking) and its fair to say that we’ve been disappointed with the delivery reliability of the SMS gateways that we have used to deliver texts outside the UK. So we decided to go on the hunt for an alternate solution and we’ve now selected Twilio to send SMS messages outside the UK.

We chose Twilio because they are a truly global business (used by organisations like Uber, Coca-Cola and PayPal) and should provide us with the delivery reliability that you (and we) require. However, the really neat thing is that we can surface the exact status of each SMS that you send in the Patient Summary. Previously, we could only tell you that the message had been sent to the SMS gateway.

If the experience with Twilio outside the UK proves successful in the next few months we will migrate our UK customers to Twilio as well. To date, our UK provider has been very reliable but we feel the ability to surface the exact status of each message in the Patient Summary will be an extremely useful feature on those odd occasions when clients question whether or not texts have been sent.

SMS Credit Warnings

Given your increased usage of text messages we also noticed an increase in the number of clinics that were attempting to send messages without having any text credits.

To mitigate this the site administrator will receive an email when your clinic’s balance falls below 50 credits. In addition, if you attempt to send text messages without having any text credits you will receive an email (each time) telling you that message wasn’t sent.

Account Details Refinements

We’ve made some small visual changes to the Account Details page as part of our ongoing initiative to refine the UI (User interface) in WriteUpp and in preparation for changes that we will be making in the future.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with DoB when merging patients
  • Resolved issues with Microsoft Edge

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