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WriteUpp: New Features in Latest Release (v1.95)

As we continue to enhance and improve WriteUpp we’re trying to work on specific themes so that we provide you with a range of related improvements that will hopefully make the job of managing and running your practice just a bit easier. The theme of this release (Version 1.95.0 of WriteUpp) is the new “WriteUpp Dashboard”. We have implemented a whole host of new features that will make it quicker and easier to see an overview of your latest activity and how your business is performing. We have also made several other useful improvements so be sure to check through the list to see what we’ve been up to and how these new features might help you.

New Features

WriteUpp Dashboard

We have introduced your own dashboard to WriteUpp so you are able to see a timeline overview of your recent activity along with simple KPI information to review how well your business is performing. If you like what you see and you would like the Dashboard to be the page you see first when you login (instead of the diary) just go to Settings->My Settings and specify your preferred homepage in the drop-down menu.


Latest Activity

The “Latest Activity” view which features infinite scroll (i.e. you can scroll forever or at least until you reach the end of your data!) allows you to scroll through all the key events that occur in your practice in a timeline style view. From here you can then click on a row to see the detail relating to the event and at the same the related patient (to the event) will become the Active Patient.

Heads Up: You will see this functionality appearing in the native iOS and Android version of WriteUpp that will be hitting the App Store and Play Store by the end of September.

Specify Your Own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

We know how hard it is to run a small business so we have provided a simple mechanism to allow you to specify a single metric which we then use to provide you with a clean real-time view of the performance of your practice.

The measure we have chosen is “Monthly Target Income”

This isn’t intended to be too complex so all you need to do is set your target income so that you cover your overheads (rent, rates etc) and any costs of sale that you incur PLUS your desired income.

For example:

  • If the overheads (like Rent, Wages etc) for your practice are £1,100 per month
  • and your costs of sales (i.e. costs there are directly attributable to sales like taping, telephone costs and postage) are £200 per month
  • and over above those costs you want a desired (pre-Tax & NI) income of say £2,000 per month
  • Then your Monthly Target Income = £1,100 + £200 + £2000 = £3,300

To set your ‘Month Target Income’ go to Settings>General Tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Business Targets section at the bottom of the page.

The Monthly Target Income is then used to provide you with the following information on your dashboard

KPI Definition
Today’s Appointments Shows the total value of the appointments across your practice for the current day
Month To Date Income Shows the total value of the appointments across your practice in the current month up to the current day. For example, if its 15th of the month this figure will show the total value of all appointments from the 1st of the month to the 15th.
Total Value of Appointments in Diary this Month                                                                            Shows the total value of all of the appointments currently in the diary for the whole month. This gives you an indication as to whether or not you are going to generate enough income to achieve your income target
Appointments Not Invoiced This Month Shows the total value of appointments that you have undertaken and not yet invoiced. This one’s really in here to make sure that you stay on top of cash collection.In case you might forget someone reasonably smart said “Revenue is Vanity … Margin is Sanity … Cash is King!”

Colour Coded KPI’s

To make it even easier to make use of the KPI’s we have colour-coded them relative to your target. Figures in the “Current” column of the KPI’s will appear red when you are below target and will appear green when you are above target.

For more information about the Dashboard click here

Invoicing – Bad Debt

We have added the option to record an invoice as a ‘Bad Debt’. This enables you to be able to mark an invoice as a bad debt and to differentiate it from other your unpaid invoices. For more information click here

When an invoice is recorded as a “Bad Debt” it will be removed from the “Unpaid Invoices” tab of the Finance business view and will instead be displayed in the “Bad Debt” tab. For more information click here

Describe Your Customer

We understand different specialities refer to their customers in different ways so we have added the option to choose how WriteUpp describes your customers throughout the application. You can access this by going into Settings->General. For more information click here


Email to Clients

To date, you have been able to send either Internal Messages or SMS messages to colleagues or patients but in this release we’ve also added the ability to send emails from within WriteUpp to:

  • a Third-Party about the Active Patient
  • an Active Patient

Any emails sent via this route will also be added to the client’s record in the Messages tab so as always you have everything in one place. See our handy guides on sending an email from within WriteUpp here

Email Templates

In the last release we provided you with the ability to email Notes, Documents. In this release we have provided you with the ability to create email templates for:

The template works in much the same way as a Note template (see below) and you should bear in mind that we have created different email templates for each document type as we figured that emails that you might want to send along with a note may be quite different to the email that you would send with an invoice.


Either way, the upshot is that you will be able to write standard emails for each of these document types once and then non need to re-type!

Extra User Role

We have added an extra user role called “Regular”. This user has the same rights as a privileged user but isn’t able to see financial information about the practice such as the cost of appointments and financial data contained in the business views. See our guide to User Roles here

View Invoices by Payee

We have introduced a ‘Payee’ column under the ‘Outstanding Invoices’ and ‘Bad Debt’ Tabs in the Finance business view so you will able to view invoices by Payee to chase up bad debts.

Home Icon to a diary Icon in the WU toolbar

We have changed the home icon to a diary icon due to the introduction of the dashboard.

Additional User Specialities

We have added two new user specialities:

  • Doctor
  • General Practitioner


We have introduced the option to make payment via SumUp in new and existing sites. To find out more about SumUp, take a look at our recent blog post.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with saving patient tags.
  • Invoices are now showing in chronological order.
  • You are now able to select from a number of pre-defined templates that can be used to pre-populate emails.
  • Fixed issue with clinic list. It no longer automatically changes to the previous Monday.
  • Fixed issue with GP Variables not working in Documents.

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