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WriteUpp: New Features in Latest Release (v1.94)

As we continue to enhance and improve WriteUpp we’re trying to work on specific themes so that we provide you with a range of related improvements that will hopefully make the job of managing and running your practice just a bit easier. The theme of this release (Version 1.94.0 of WriteUpp) is “Communication” and we have implemented a whole host of new features that will make it quicker and easier to communicate with clients, colleagues and related parties. There are other non-communication related improvements as well so be sure to check through the list to see what we’ve been up to and how these new features might help you.

New Features

Email Notification When Online Booking is Made

You now have the ability to “turn on” an email reminder that will be sent to the clinician when an online booking is made. Go to Settings->Online Booking and check the box highlighted below.


For more information:

How Do I Turn On Email Notifications When A Client Books Online?

Ability to Email Notes, Documents and Invoices Directly from WriteUpp

You can now email Notes, Documents and Invoices directly from WriteUpp. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen when you either create a Note, Document or Invoice or view an existing Note, Document or Invoice you will seen an email icon, highlighted below.


When you click on this icon (for either Notes, Documents or Invoices) you will be taken to an entirely new email screen, shown below:


This new dialogue allows you to specify recipients (To, Cc and Bcc) with slightly more intelligence (we hope) than regular email and your Note, Document or Invoice is automatically added as an attachment.

When you click on either of the To, Cc and Bcc fields you will be shown an Address Book (which you can also access via the icon to the right of the field). This will show you any individuals (with email addresses) that are in any way associated with the client, including:

  • Next of Kin
  • Third-Parties (Insurance, School etc)
  • Your Colleagues

The screenshot below shows you how this looks.


All you need to do is tick the people that you want to receive the email, type your message, click send and you’re good to go. Any messages you send this way are also added to the “Messages” tab of the Patient Summary. If you need to add another recipient you can manually enter their details in the field at the bottom.

For more information:

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How do I email a Document?
How do I email an Invoices?

Ability to Use Your Own Email Account

In this release we have provided you with the ability to send emails from within WriteUpp using your own email server (via SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).

Previously any emails (Confirmations, Reminders & Invoices) sent from Writeupp came from “WriteUpp Team” and If you use your own email server they will appear just as if they have been sent from your regular email client.

To set up your own email server you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings->Integration
  2. Enter the SMTP details for your mail server
  3. Test the Connection

Once you have done this ALL emails sent from WriteUpp will be sent using the specified email account.

For more information:

Guide to SMTP

Customisable Automated Emails & Text Messages

You can now customise all emails and SMS/Text messages that are sent by WriteUpp. To customise your messages go to Settings->General and go to the “Confirmation & Reminders” section.


Click on Edit Template and make any changes that you wish to make.

For more information:

How do I edit SMS/Text Templates?
How do I edit Email Templates?


Indication of Documents That Have Triggers

An additional column has been added to the Settings->Docs page so that you can easily see if you have set up Triggers for your documents.


For more information:

How do you create a Triggered Document?

Ability to Re-Activate Users

You can now re-activate users if you have previously de-activated them.

Colour Contrast In The Diary

We have improved the colour contrast in the diary for users with screens that don’t have high contrast ratios.

Field Added for Fax Numbers

A Fax Number field has been added to the Patient tab of the Patient Summary

Added Extra User Specialities

“Secretary” and “Plastic Surgery” have been added as Specialities when you create or amend a user in Settings.

GP Address Formatted Correctly

Postcode now appears at the end of the address

Bug Fixes

  • Global deletion of a tag now removes it from all patient records where it appears.
  • Fixed aberrant behaviour when editing Breaks in IE
  • 3 Slots per hour now displays correctly in the diary
  • “Go to Desktop Site” now works in mobile version
  • Various fixes as a result of providing timezone support in v1.93.0
  • “Remember email for 2 weeks” has replaced “Remember Me for 2 Weeks”

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