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WriteUpp: New Features in Latest Release (v1.93)

This has been one of the most challenging updates we have released since we launched WriteUpp. As more people learn about WriteUpp and our client base expands worldwide we have continued to refine WriteUpp and implemented a large number of features that make it easier for clients in the Middle East, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand to use WriteUpp.

In making these changes we have had to make some fundamental changes to the underpinnings of the application which bodes extremely well for our long term global expansion. At the same time we have ushered in a new design style (mirrored on the WriteUpp website) that will be progressively phased in over coming months. We chose to take this evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach to avoid unnecessary disruption to our loyal and very supportive existing customers.

New Features

Timezone Support

If you are based in the UK this major piece of functionality will be largely invisible to you but if you’re based outside of the UK you will have noticed a number of timezone-related issues. These have now been addressed and as a result time-based events, like recording when a note is written, are now all based on local time rather than “server time” i.e the date on our servers here in the UK.

This might not seem hugely problematic if you are based in Central Europe where the time difference is UTC+1 but if you are based in Australia or New Zealand like a number of our clients a difference of UTC+12 can mean that notes written on Thursday morning (local NZ time) show as being written on Wednesday evening.

On the face of it this might seem like a relatively small issue to fix but in reality it has meant that practically every aspect of the application has required modification to accommodate this change.

Earn Text Credits

We’ve now provided you with the opportunity to earn text credits!

All you need to do is share a nice comment about us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and we’ll automatically credit your account with 20 free text credits for use with Text Confirmations/Reminders of Online Booking Verification.



Mini Calendar

We have enhanced the mini calendar so that it’s easier to navigate through the diary in both Day, Week and Multi-Resource Views.

Extended Search Period in Next Available Appointment

Previously this was limited to 2 weeks but this has now been extended so that you can search for availability over longer periods of time. However, please bear in mind that extending the range may increase the time that searches take.

Draft Documents Now Printable

When a document is in “Draft” state it is now printable.

Additional Ethnicities

The following options have been added to the Ethnicity dropdown in the Patient Summary:

  • Black British
  • African
  • Caribbean
  • Other

Updated Editor

Throughout the application we have updated the editor and addressed a number of shortcomings in the previous editor including problems using Copy & Paste in IE11. The editor now looks like this:


Episodal Information

The Recall List provides you a with a view of clients that have previously attended and then not subsequently attended. This has now been enhanced so that you can see if the client has an Open or Closed episode.


Visual Cue in Next Available

We’ve now made it easier for you to see the next available appointment (before you book it) in the Appointment Search, see below:


Saudi Arabia Country Code

The +966 Saudi Arabia country code has been added to the Patient Summary.

“Save & Exit” & “Save & Continue”

“Save & Exit” and “Save & Continue” buttons have been added to both the Notes and Assessments Editors. Previously, if you clicked on “Save” you were exited from the document. Now, you have the option to “Save & Exit” or “Save and Continue” editing the Note or Assessment.

Fortnightly Recurrence

You now have the ability add appointments with fortnightly recurrence.

Singapore Dollars

Singapore Dollars can now be specified as a Currency. In Settings->General->Invoicing->Currency

Bug Fixes

  • Removed # from mobile phone number when inserted as a variable
  • Availability search now returns slots with cancelled appointments
  • Copy and Paste into a Note (redactor editor) fixed in IE11
  • Phonetic symbol insertion into a Note now works on IE11

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