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WriteUpp Mobile App: Are you missing out?

Since launching the WriteUpp Mobile app for iOS and Android in September 2015 we’ve made a whole host of updates and with each release we’ve added more features, refined the experience and fixed a bunch of bugs!

I’m writing this post because our internal analysis indicates that a significant proportion of app users are using older versions of the app, some as old as v1.3. Consequently, you’re missing out on some really neat features that we’ve added over the past 9 months.

Here’s a quick summary of what you’re missing:

New Features


You can now log expenses on your mobile. This could be anything from mileage when you’re out and about doing home visits to an item that you have supplied to a client.

The app and your mobile are the perfect way to log expenses. All you need to do is select the client that the expense relates to, log the expense and then next time you raise an invoice all of your (uninvoiced) expenses for that client will be listed ready for you to invoice them.

If you would like to know more about expenses on mobile click here

(Expenses were introduced in v1.4)

View Documents

You can now view Documents created in WriteUpp (like Letters, Reports etc) on your mobile. This can be invaluable if you’re out and about and just want to check what you wrote in a document.

We’ve implemented this feature so that documents are as readable as possible on small devices. Obviously there are limits to this but we wanted to give your documents as much mobility as possible.

(The ability to View Documents was introduced in v1.4)

Complete Assessments (introduced in v1.3)

One of the primary drivers behind the development of the Form Builder in the web-based version of WriteUpp was to provide you with the ability create assessments that you could use on your mobile.

We introduced this functionality to the app in v1.3 and we worked particularly hard to make the forms totally usable on mobile. How? When an assessment is used in the app we use slightly different user interface components to make it easier to use on a mobile device with touch.

For example, here’s a sequence of check boxes in an Assessment on the web-based version of WriteUpp


and here is the same component in the mobile app:


If you’ve not tried Assessments on your mobile you really should give it a go and I’m pretty sure you will be impressed with the usability, despite the obvious screen size limitations of mobile devices.

(The ability to Complete Assessments was introduced in v1.3)


  • The Google Maps link now works in areas where Postcodes are less geo-specific, for example Denmark. In these situations the address (and not the area code) is passed to Google Maps. Improved in v1.5
  • We have made the navigation around the app more consistent. Improved in v1.5
  • You now have the ability to edit, delete and re-assign tasks. Improved in v1.4
  • Danish clients can now enter a CPR number from the mobile app. Improved in v1.4

Bug Fixes

  • The appointment location variable in SMS confirmations is now populated when an appointment is booked in the app – fixed in v1.5
  • The City is now shown in the patient card when you view their details – fixed in v1.5
  • The Active Patient is now changed when you select a different patient in the Task List – fixed in v1.5
  • The Date of Birth now displays correctly on iOS devices – fixed in v1.5

Aside from these highlights we’ve worked on pretty much every aspect of the app to improve it since it was launched and it will continue to be a key part of our product development strategy. In time you will also see aspects of its design ethos being pushed back into the web-based version of WriteUpp as we attempt to provide a more consistent experience between Web and Mobile.

Don’t forget the WriteUpp app is FREE for all WriteUpp subscribers (and users on Trial) so if you’ve not downloaded it you can get it here now:

app-store-badge (1)    google-play-badge

If you’re using the app already and you don’t know what version you are running just click on the burger menu (three horizontal lines) at the top left of the app and at the bottom of the screen it will tell you what version you are running.


If you establish that you are running an older version (than v1.5.1) then just got to your preferred app store, search for WriteUpp and download the latest and greatest version.


Thanks for reading,

CEO & Co-Founder

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