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WriteUpp – Enhanced Communications (Web v2.13)

In this release of WriteUpp (Web v2.13) we have made some fantastic improvements to the way communications are sent from WriteUpp. We’ve expanded on how appointment communications are sent to your patients, giving you more control over what is sent and when. The thinking behind this? The more communications that your patients receive about their appointments, the less likely it is that they will fail to attend. Saving you both time and money!

Here’s what we have been up to:

Tweaks & Improvements

New “Appointment communication” tab

We have added a new Appointment Communication tab under Settings -> Scheduling:


From here you will have access to templates and triggers that can be edited to suit your practice. For existing WriteUpp users (pre April 2019) this used to sit under “Settings -> General.

Additional “Trigger events”

There are now 6 events in WriteUpp which can automatically generate a communication to a patient. These are:

  • Booking a new one off appointment
  • Booking a new recurring appointment
  • Changing an appointment date or time
  • Changing the status of an appointment
  • Deleting an appointment
  • Deleting a recurring series of appointments

When configuring your appointment communications, these events are referred to as Trigger Events. 

Additional Communication Templates

To correspond with the new triggers that have been put in place, WriteUpp now comes with a number of pre-defined appointment communications that you can use to inform your patients about their appointments.

These are:

  • Confirmation of a single appointment – both SMS and Email
  • Confirmation of a series of appointments – both SMS and Email
  • Notification of a changed appointment – both SMS and Email
  • Reminder 7 days prior to an appointment – both SMS and Email
  • Reminder 1 day prior to an appointment – both SMS and Email

You can read all about this and how to set them up here

You can manage these, customise them to suit your practice and add new templates by going to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communications.

You read more about editing your email templates for confirmation and reminders here -> How do I edit email templates for confirmations/reminders?

And about editing SMS templates here -> How do I edit SMS/text templates for confirmations/reminders?

Additional options to when an appointment reminder can be sent

Reminders can now be scheduled to be sent at the following timescales prior to an appointment:

  • 1 hour before
  • 2 hours before
  • 1 day before
  • 2 days before
  • 3 days before
  • 5 days before
  • 7 days before

You can read more about this here

Changes to how patients are “Opted in” to receive communications

Previously, patients had to be manually “opted in” before an appointment was placed in the diary, in order to receive a reminder/confirmation.

To streamline this process, any new patients that are created in Writeupp/via online booking that have a mobile number/email address associated with them, will automatically be opted in to receive communications from you.

To opt them out, simply untick the box:


When a data import is undertaken all records with a mobile number and/or email address will also be auto opted-in to receive communications for you. 

You can read about this in more detail here

 Changes to the Appointment Modal

If a client has a mobile number and/or email address in the patient summary and they are opted-in to SMS and email communications, you will now see the mobile number and/or email address appear in green:


If either piece of this information (mobile number or email address) is NOT recorded in the patient summary this will appear in red text that states “No mobile number recorded” or “No email address recorded (See above)

If you wish to add these details, simply select “Edit Details.” This will open a side panel that will allow to add any missing information:


Updating either of these fields will update the corresponding records for the client. It will also automatically opt the client in to communications via that channel (mobile or email)

If a mobile number and/or email address is recorded in the patient summary but the patient is not “opted in” to receive communications, the mobile number/email address will now appear in grey text.


Mute Option

There is now a new “Mute” option that allows you to turn off communications for a specific appointment. After selecting this, the mobile number and/or email address will go grey.  Please note, you will only be able use the “Mute” functionality when the mobile number/email address appears in green text.

Screen Recording 2019-04-10 at 01.11 pm

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate appointments & invoices were being created in Online Booking if a user double clicked on “Confirm.” This has been addressed
  • Ability to “Quick Invoice”  appointments that had the status “Does this mean the patient is attending -> No. This is no longer the case
  • Error message appearing when trying to email an invoice before the invoice had finished loading. This has been addressed
  • Error messaging appearing when trying to delete/merge a patient that had previously been sent a direct message. This has been fixed
  • Next of Kin postcode not being populated when you created an invoice payable by that NOK. This has been fixed
  • “Last Saved” date and time not updating when a document was saved. This has been fixed
  • Double clicking on “Save” created more than one invoice. A spinner has been put in place that will appear when you have selected save for the first time. This will prevented “double clicking”
  • Issue surrounding outstanding total amount on an invoice not being updated when a part payment had been added has been addressed
  • “Appointment Income by Month” report wasn’t loading. This has been addressed
  • Difficulties surrounding sending a PDF as a Direct Message have been addressed
  • Tasks that were created via the WriteUpp were not saving in the patient summary (under “Tasks”) of the web-based version of WriteUpp. This has been fixed
  • If you had a appointment type that had an “hourly rate” reports were being affected. This has been fixed

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