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WriteUpp – Customisable Invoices, ISC Codes & Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.04.3)

New Features

Customisable Invoices

In our latest update (v2.04.3) we’ve introduced more ways to customise your invoices so you can now:

We’ve also moved the invoice related settings into their own tab called “Invoice” funnily enough!



Favourite Your Own ISC Codes (Healthcode only)

Those of you who using Healthcode for insurer invoicing you can now favourite ISC (Industry Standard Code) codes from our list of around 16,000 codes so that you only see the ones that are relevant to you and your practice. To find out more click here

Variables in Notes

We’ve updated the way that variables are handled in client notes so that they work exactly the same as documents.

You Can Now Be A Beautician!

We’ve included beauticians in the speciality drop down list in “Edit Users”

Removed Address Validation When Generating An Invoice

You’re no longer required to specify a client’s address when generating an invoice


  • You can no longer create duplicate custom fields
  • You can now see the character count in SMS reminders template
  • Email templates for assessments are now saving correctly
  • Issue associated with availability offset and UTC in Online Booking has been rectified

As always if you have any questions please message our lovely team at

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