Occasionally, we feature guest posts here on the WriteUpp Blog to mix it up a bit and provide an alternate perspective on practice-related matters. This post was very kindly contributed by Kelly Ball at Pocket Receptionist.

We realise that reception services aren’t for everyone but if you’re considering using one Kelly’s article should be just the job.

Could a Call Answering service help you?

A day in any clinic generally involves back to back appointments with clients, making it extremely difficult to take calls – resulting in lost business.

Whilst existing customers are paramount, ensuring that you have a constant stream of new customers will ensure that your business flourishes.  Around 28% of all calls are missed and around 57% of people buy from the first person they speak to that can fulfil their needs.

Below we look at a few reasons why you may consider a call answering service…

1. You can’t be in two places at once

There is nothing more frustrating than starting an appointment with your client and either hearing your phone ring (sometimes more than once during the session) or coming out of the appointment to find a list of missed calls.

During the appointment, your client is your sole focus, as they should be, but you need to answer those calls.

2. Your business reputation

One of the most frustrating things for potential clients, is when they can’t get through, especially if they are trying to book an appointment.

If there are enquiries, questions or something that can be resolved swiftly – including booking appointments, it needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and call handling staff are trained to do this.

3. Competition

With more and more people choosing self-employment over employment these days, competition is getting stronger. To ensure you never miss an opportunity and compete effectively, you need to be responsive to every enquiry.

4. You time

As your day will be spent with clients, you may not get even 10 minutes to yourself to eat, let alone to call back anyone who has enquired during the day.

A call handling team will take down information, answer questions efficiently, and even book appointments and take payments, whilst you focus on the work at hand.

5. Holidays

Taking time off when you are self-employed can be costly and daunting. Who is going to take care of things whilst you are away? You need to take a break to recharge, however you don’t want to miss out on new business.


Pocket Receptionist is not affiliated with WriteUpp and this post doesn’t constitute a recommendation. If you’re considering using a reception service you should conduct your own due diligence and ensure that they meet your specific business and regulatory requirements.