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‘Adoro usar o WriteUpp para os meus consultórios da Terapia de Bowen. Ajuda-me a organizar-me a mim e aos meus clientes, mantendo-os informados das suas marcações por email e SMS.’
‘I love using WriteUpp for my Bowen Therapy practice because it helps me to stay organised while keeping my clients informed of their appointments via email and SMS’

Practice Name:

Terapia de Bowen Portugal




Bem-vind@ à Terapia de Bowen

Owner/Practice Manager:

Rita Azeredo

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Terapia de Bowen Portugal offer the Bowen Therapy which consists of a surface treatment, but with very deep to the sympathetic nervous system effects. Bowen produces a deep sense of relaxation and well – being, promoting a quick and lasting pain relief.