All of our clients do fantastic things and improve the lives and wellbeing of people every day, however occasionally we get the opportunity to work with truly inspirational organisations like Soul Soup

The team at Soul Soup provide a free confidential counselling service for young people in the Dumfries and Galloway region. They do fantastic work helping young adults feel mentally healthy, optimistic and included in society. Their counsellors, therapists and support workers give up their time to work with us on a voluntary basis and as demand for the the service has grown they found that paper records/Excel spreadsheets etc weren’t really up to the job.

We stepped in to provide Soul Soup with WriteUpp so that all of their volunteers could have secure access to a central system where they could record activity (appointments, activities etc.) whilst working from various locations and during all hours of the day.
Commenting, Maureen Taylor from Soul Soup said: “Using WriteUpp means we have everything in one place and  we no longer need to spend valuable time chasing up our team to get notes and activity completed.


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