On Tuesday next week (14th January 2020) we will be launching a new marketing website at that will also feature some tweaks to our branding. This article explains what you can expect to see and (for those who are interested) the rationale behind the changes. To be 100% clear, these changes ONLY relate to and have no impact on what you will see once you have logged in to the WriteUpp application.

Why change?

Our existing marketing website has served us extremely well since it was launched back in 2015 but a lot has changed in our business since then and it’s time for a refresh. As many of you have your own practice websites and periodically might consider a refresh I thought it would be helpful to share why we’ve chosen to overhaul what is (on the face of it) a perfectly functional website.

Changing Priorities

When we launched our original site it’s fair to say there was a positive ripple of excitement when more than ten visitors hit our site each day. Back then, we only had one objective, which was to get the handful of visitors that came to our site to take a free 30 day trial of our practice management software so that we could show them how great our software was. Fast forward five years and we have thousands of visitors per month with a much broader range of requirements when they land on our site. For sure, some visitors want to dive in and take a free trial but others might want to perform detailed research whilst others might have no interest in our software but would like some advice about a business-related matter. With this in mind we restructured the new site to cater to the differing needs of our visitors.

Load Time

Like it or not, the time your website takes to load has a MAJOR impact on your ability to deliver on your visitor’s requirements. Delay by a few seconds and visitors will literally disappear into thin air. Our current site used the latest technology when it was launched but these days it’s just a bit too slow. How do we know? We used a variety of tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and Google’s Test My Site tool, to analyse our site speed and to identify areas for improvement. The new site uses the latest technologies along with lots of other wizardry to provide sub second load times even on the slowest of WIFI and cellular connections.

Mobile Friendly

In much the same way as “load time” can cause visitors to evaporate so can your experience on mobile devices. Our existing site is responsive but with the addition of more copy and the use of older technologies it too needed refreshing. The new site features a revised structure which in conjunction with fresh new content means the site will work equally well (maybe better) on mobile devices, which now form the majority of the visitors to our website – this wasn’t the case when we originally launched our current site back in 2015.

Blog Performance

These days we write lots of content that isn’t directly related to WriteUpp. Instead, we try to cover subjects that are interesting and helpful to our clients and prospective clients. Our current site features a WordPress blog that has gone through a number of evolutions and over the years we’ve used a variety of plugins that have made it slow to load and unwieldy to manage. The new site features a completely fresh WordPress installation hosted independently so if (for some reason) the marketing site goes down the blog will still be operational. This is a principal we’ve adhered to throughout the WriteUpp ecosystem to minimise single point of failure.

More Features & More Benefits

WriteUpp has grown significantly since it’s humble beginnings in 2013. Back then it was little more than a diary and notes system. Now it includes all the stuff you’d expect from a 21st century practice management system, plus secure messaging, customisable forms, integrations with Xero, Healthcode and Stripe and much more. Consequently, the way we present this array of capabilities has needed to change. We’ve used fewer words. stripped out unnecessary b**shit and focused more on the benefits than the actual features. This isn’t/wasn’t rocket science but it’s actually very hard to say less, rather than more!

Validation beyond our wildest dreams!

In a field like healthtech credibility, reliability, longevity are critical. No one wants to hand over highly confidential personal data to an overnight sensation that’s here today and gone tomorrow. But everyone has to start somewhere right? That’s how we felt back in 2012 when WriteUpp was in its inception and the use of cloud-based technology was much less prolific than it is now. We didn’t have any substantive stats that we could roll out that would underpin our credibility but happily now we do! We’re not shouting them from the rooftops but the new site proudly presents a few operational stats that even surprised us when we pulled them. To find out what they are you’ll need to take a look at the new site when it launches on Tuesday.

What will change?

To see the new site you’ll need to wait until Tuesday next week (14th January 2020), however the other purpose of this post was to let you know about the parts of the WriteUpp ecosystem that will be change in appearance so that you don’t have any surprises. If you use the “Log on” link on the current site this will be continue to be available on the new site but its been shifted slightly to the left in the header, as below:

Whether you login via or your unique practice URL you will be taken to a new login screen that looks like this:

Welcome to WriteUpp

If you visit us on social media you will see our header image has changed to this:

FB Banner

Obviously the site itself is a complete re-design but these are the more subtle tweaks that you will notice when the changes take effect on Tuesday. Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any questions Live Chat with us at 

Thanks for reading!

Bob Bond 
CEO & Co-Founder


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