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Update on Issues With PDF Viewer

Firstly, thanks to everyone for letting us know that the PDF viewer in the web-based version of WriteUpp stopped working following the outage on Wednesday 13th Feb.

I wanted to just explain a few things about this so that you’re fully appraised of the situation.

What’s not working?

At present, if you attempt to view a PDF (and only a PDF) you will see this error:

Image 2019-02-15 at 10.57.51 am

Why isn’t it working?

This is happening because we fixed a bug relating to the PDF viewer in the v2.12 (web) release which we subsequently reverted to resolve the issues we were experiencing on 13th Feb. This fix was one of 64 code changes that were made in this release, some were relatively minor like this one and some were more significant. Having reverted the release (i.e. all 64 changes) we can’t selectively re-instate specific fixes until we fully understand the root cause of the problem. I’m really sorry about this and I do understand that it must be frustrating but I’m sure you also understand our reticence.

The Workaround

It’s important to point out that your PDF’s are still safe and secure on WriteUpp, as I stated in my email on the 14th Feb. The only thing that isn’t working is the PDF viewer. If you want to access any of your PDF’s just go to the bottom the page when you see the error and click on the icon indicated below:

Image 2019-02-15 at 11.10.23 am

Your PDF will be downloaded and you can view it locally. There are also no issues with emailing PDF’s.

Next Steps

Having completed our forensic analysis of v2.12 (web) we will put in place a plan to reinstate all of the fixes previously applied in this release and of course we will keep you posted on progress.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation on this.


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