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Private Practice Tips: Creating Online Video To Market Your Healthcare Practice

There are many great reasons why you should create online videos for your business. Here are just a few:

  1. Youtube is the second biggest search engine after google
  2. A video can seriously help you to create your brand and build brand awareness

  3. If a photo says a thousand words, video says a million

  4. It provides you with the opportunity to project a more personal profile of your business which in turn can help you to stand out from your competitors.

  5. Including video in email marketing improves the conversion rate by 50%.

Of course if you have never made a video before it can seem like a scary process and you might be wondering where to begin. Below are some tips which should help you with the development of your first video.

Types Of Video You Might Consider

Demonstration Video

In this video you can demonstrate how your product or services work and what exactly the customer will be getting if they decide to become a client.

A Tour Of Your Business Location

In this video you could show your existing and potential customers where there consultation will take place. This could be added to your ‘About me’ page on your website as well as youtube.

Introduce Your Staff

This option allows you to demonstrate the “human” side of your business by showing off the personalities of your staff members allowing the customers to create an emotional connection with your company. You can also show off how passionate you are about your area of expertise and the benefits that you can offer to your prospective clients.

Customer Testimonials

Asking your existing clients to provide a video testimonial of how your offering has solved their problems or improved their life could help generate interest for new customers. It is always useful to see how a real-life evidence of how your treatment has improved the wellbeing of an actual client! Although, we understand that this isn’t necessarily possible in some specialities.

Offers and Competitions

If you planning to run a competition or have some great offers for your product creating a video to inform your customers would add a real nice personal touch. To maximise the impact you should share your content on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and G+ as well as email marketing.

Planning and Preparation

First of all you will need to decide if you are going to make the video yourself or hire a professional.

Hire a Professional

  1. Ensure you see examples of their previous work and meet with them in person to ensure that you are comfortable working with them ( especially if you are the one who is going to be in front of the camera!)

  1. Decide how long you want the video to before you start filming. If possible try to keep it under 2 minutes in length.

  2. Pick a simple subject for your first video.

  3. Decide clear goals of what you would like the video to achieve i.e. customer engagement.

  4. Do some research and find videos that other companies have done for inspiration.


  1. Create a story board to ensure you get all the shots in that you originally envisioned.

  2. Practice what you are going to say but don’t try to memorise it as you want the video to look as natural as possible.

  3. Create a clear call to action of what you would like the viewer to do after watching your video.

Equipment – Where to get it?

If you decide to make your own video there are a few options:

  1. Rent the required equipment

  2. Use your own “lo-fi” equipment (Phone, Digital Camera, Webcam) and accept the limitations

  3. Buy your own specialist equipment. Although I would only recommend this if you are planning to make videos regularly.

Equipment – What do you need?

You will need a video camera. I would recommend a DSLR which can shoot full 1080p HD video. You will need at least one lens but if you would like to add professional look to your video I would recommend using two.

A microphone. Good sound quality can greatly enhance the overall quality of video.

Lights – depending on the location of your video natural light may not be available therefore it is important to have some lighting equipment to fall back on.

A tripod – to ensure your videos are stable a tripod is critical

If you are going to hire the equipment I would recommend CalumetRental or  TheFlashCentre

Editing & Production

  1. Once you’ve shot some footage you will need to edit it as not all of the material that you film will be usable. To do this I would recommend investing in Final Cut (around £250) or Adobe Premiere Pro (from £17.95 per month).

  2. Alternatively, YouTube provides some fairly rudimental but useful video editing capabilities for Free.

  3. Whatever you do its important that your video is natural, coherent, well paced and focused on your stated objectives. It doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production but a poorly executed video might reflect badly on your business.

Small Budget and Still Not Feeling Confident?

If you haven’t got a blockbuster budget but don’t want to make the video yourself I would recommend getting in touch with your local university and see if any video production students would be interested in helping you. This option would be much cheaper than hiring someone from a production agency.

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