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Time Management and Organisational Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Efficiency time management and organisation are essential skills for health care professionals, with the maximisation of both being a key element of success. We recommend the following tips:

1. Be on time for patient appointments
Timeliness should be made a priority for patient appointments, as increasingly hectic work and personal lives can leave your patients strapped for time. Unnecessary stress and dissatisfaction can stem from patients with large waits beyond their scheduled appointment time. A common projection of long waits can actually dissuade patients from booking appointments, so ensure that you clearly state your wait times and attempt to adhere to them as stringently as possible. Accurately monitor your appointments so that the time scheduled for different types of appointment allows you to complete your face-to-face contact and potentially complete any documentation.

2. Prioritise and re-prioritise patients and tasks
Whilst it may be easy to prioritise critical care, much thought is not often given to how to organise mundane tasks and routine patients. Successful time management can stem from creating task lists that prioritise all aspects of healthcare, including treating patients, documentation and general office admin.

As the day or situation progresses, re-prioritizing may also be necessary to keep things moving in a orderly and timely fashion. Understanding how to do this is another essential skill health care professionals must learn.

3. Be Flexible
As previously stated, the healthcare environment is a constantly changing one, so your ability to be flexible is key. Allowing yourself sufficient time to complete all of your tasks may leave you with some free time, enabling you to book in critical patients that will not affect waiting times for your other routine patients.

4. Use Technology
Whilst a paper task list can be useful, a suite of applications for the web or your smartphone can assist in organising and managing your time. Investing in a practice management system like WriteUpp has a centralised diary which allows easy appointment booking and visibility on your working hours and available time. Task management apps such as Astrid are free to deploy in your browser, iOS or Android device, which allow you to create and manage “to-do” lists.

About WriteUpp

WriteUpp is an effortlessly simple practice management system designed specifically for health and wellbeing professionals. It runs securely on PC, Mac, Tablet and Smartphone and includes a whole host of time-saving features including: text reminders, online booking, notes templates and super-simple invoicing. If you would like to streamline your practice you can give WriteUpp a try free for 30 days with no obligation. Click here to take the trial. Alternatively, take a look at our Facebook Reviews to see what existing users sat about us.

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