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The Fitness Ball Challenge

The challenge

Replace your office chair with a fitness ball


Bob and Katie


The Tools

2 x Gym Balls

1 x pump

Time to prepare – 2 minutes max

Ready, Steady, Go….

For the past month a few of us have been using fitness balls in place of our office chairs. Apart from looking extremely cool we’ve reaped the many benefits of the fitness ball.

Great for Balance - Basically, you can’t slouch. In order to stay on the ball you need to balance, no falling asleep or you’ll be off! We’ve noticed that our sense of balance has greatly increased over the past month apart from after Friday beers but that’s understandable, right?

Spine Alignment - When balancing your body naturally aligns itself into the proper posture and consequently it forces your spine to properly align. Goodbye back pain!

Six Pack - Alright so we are not quite there yet but sitting on the fitness ball is working your core, you are constantly using your stomach muscles without realising it. We’re not sure how far off the six pack we are but we are certainly firmer.

Improving Your Circulation - On the fitness ball you are constantly moving your body and and consequentially improving your circulation. By contrast sitting on a chair all day long can potentially reduce circulation if you remain seated for long periods of time.

Burn Calories - You are moving and burning calories at a faster rate than sitting idle in a chair. et’s face it, you burn calories when breathing so the more you move the more calories you are burning, it’s not rocket science! Research suggests that on average you can burn an extra 350 calories a day on the ball. Oh yes we hear you say!

The Verdict

Bob says – “Six pack is some way off but won’t be going back to my chair anytime soon”

Katie says – “It’s a keeper, I love it, no more slouching and burning the extra calories will be most helpful”

Go on give it a try you might enjoy it!

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