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Online Booking: Use Key Metrics To Review Your Performance

Ever wondered how Online Booking is performing for you?

The Key Metrics dashboard gives you a simple view of your bookings for the current week, month, year and all time

Online Booking Key Metrics

There’s nothing to set up. Its just a simple count of the number of appointments that have been booked online along with their total value based on the cost that you have specified in your WriteUpp Settings.

To access the Key Metrics just login to your Admin Area and it’ll be the first thing that you see.

Want to Increase Your Online Income?

To boost your online bookings you need to make sure that your clients are constantly reminded that you offer online bookings. We would recommend doing the following:

  • Website: Place a link to your online booking URL on your website. Where you put it is dependent on the structure and design of your website but we would recommend placing a link prominently on the home page or a number of clients provide access to it from their contact menu.
  • Emails: In any email correspondance, you should include a link to your Online Booking URL. You may want to include it in your email signature if you wish to promote it to all of your clients
  • Social Media: If you use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, you can share Online Booking URL on your page, and also include it in your profile information

Your online booking URL takes the first half of your WriteUpp URL and replaces “” with “”. For example, if your WriteUpp URL is “”, your online booking URL will be “”

Not Using Online Booking?

You can read more about WriteUpp Online Book here or if you want to dive into the detail about setting it up check out “Getting Started with Online Booking”

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