We’re hiring!

We’re currently looking for someone to join our small but perfectly formed team to help us accelerate the pace of development of WriteUpp and make our world-beating Healthcare SaaS EVEN better!

We’ve built our reputation on providing a high quality, feature-rich practice management system to help private healthcare practitioners run their businesses more efficiently. If you’d like to join us you’ll need to have the technical skills we require and the personality to slot straight into our team.

Before you read any further…this is not an office-based role. You’ll work wherever you feel happy and inspired. So, if you love the idea of improving WriteUpp with your slippers on or coding over a home-brewed espresso this could be the job for you.

What’s a Typical Day?

As we’re a small business no two days are exactly the same. Your focus will very definitely be on coding but here’s how a typical day might pan out in this role:

  • First Thing: Skype chat about stuff..more or less as if we were all in the office. Typical subjects: sport, tech, food, films, politics – just chat. Then we generally wrap up with a quick discussion about priorities for the day.
  • Focused Product Development: We work in short sprints with releases every week. You’ll work closely with the product management team as they prioritise feature requests/fixes and allocate them to you via Jira.
  • Technical Escalation: We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and there may be occasions (not many) where the support/customer success team might need some technical input on a specific piece of functionality. These are generally handled by the product team but occasionally it might be necessary to get you involved
  • Coding: The bulk of your day will be spent coding. We follow a very structured process so tickets will be allocated to you via Jira. You’ll work in a development branch and when you’ve tested a ticket you’ll resolve it and the product management team (primarily Jenni) will functionally test it. Then they’ll run it through our bank of test cases before performing a final test in our Azure pitstop environment. At any point it might be reopened and you’ll be expected to resolve any issues so that it can be re-tested.

Because we’re not all in an office together we use Slack to chat about a variety of topics (grouped into Channels) ranging from key performance indicators, client feedback to specific product enhancements. It provides us all with a way to quickly and informally communicate about things and where chat won’t cut it we switch to Skype.

What are we looking for?

You have the right stuff, if you:

  • Are proficient in both .NET and .NET Core
  • Are comfortable working in both VB.NET and C#
  • Are able to use GIT in multiple branches. Ideally, following the GitFlow workflow
  • Are content to work with command line, PowerShell, etc. (as we use custom build scripts, to generate client side code)
  • Have a working knowledge of vanilla JavaScript (essential)
  • Have a working knowledge of TypeScript (advantageous).
  • Are able to work with CSS (essential) but SCSS would be advantageous.
  • Have experience of working with Azure technologies like Webjobs and Service Bus is desirable

You’re our ideal candidate if you in addition:

  • Have experience of working with any of the following tools/environments: Jira, Raygun
  • Have a warm and positive demeanour
  • A switched-on and friendly personality
  • A good listener & communicator
  • Analytical and enjoy problem solving
  • A team player
  • Conscientious and proactive towards others

How to apply

If you’re interested in applying for this role please click on the link below and apply through Indeed:

Apply via Indeed

If you know someone that might be interested in the role please feel free to share the link above.

All applications must be submitted through Indeed.

You will improve your chances significantly by reading about WriteUpp and by taking a free trial so you get a feel for both us as a company and our product.

IMPORTANT: We don’t work with recruitment agencies.

About WriteUpp

Based in Chester and founded in 2013 by Bob Bond & Jonas Pedersen. WriteUpp helps private healthcare professionals in more than 30 countries streamline their practice administration, save time and connect more efficiently with their patients. It’s helped over 13,000 clinicians handle more than 4 million appointments, securely recorded over 2 million clinical notes and raised invoices totalling more £100 million. Its at the forefront of the digitisation in private healthcare that began with GDPR and has accelerated in recent times as a result of COVID-19. WriteUpp provides a complete platform that allows practitioners to book online, consult remote via video consultation and take cashless payments.

Website: www.writeupp.com

Application deadline: 11/09/2020


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