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Major Improvements to Confirmations & Reminders coming your way!

We just wanted to give you a wee heads up that there are some major improvements to appointment confirmations and reminders (automated communications) coming your way in the next week or so.

The changes give you much more flexibility and control over the way automated communications are configured and include:

  • A new “Appointment Communication” tab in Settings -> Scheduling where you will manage all appointment-related confirmations and reminders. This replaces the previous controls in Settings -> General
  • The ability to create your own communication triggers based on the following events:
    • New appointment – Non-recurring
    • New appointment – Recurring – NEW
    • Change appointment date/time – NEW
    • Change appointment status – NEW
    • Delete appointment – single instance – NEW
    • Delete appointment – current and future instances – NEW
    • Appointment reminders
  • The ability to create multiple appointment reminders to go out:
    • 1 hour before the appointment – NEW
    • 2 hours before the appointment – NEW
    • 1 day before the appointment
    • 2 days before the appointment
    • 3 days before the appointment
    • 5 days before the appointment – NEW
    • 7 days before the appointment – NEW
  • The ability to create different templates for each trigger event
  • Auto opt-in to automated communications, if you enter a mobile number or email address for your client
  • An enhanced appointment modal that displays the mobile number and email address of the recipient. These are colour-coded to indicate whether or not a communication will be sent – green if a message will be sent and red if not
  • The appointment modal also features a “Mute” option so that you can turn off all communications for a specific booking

IMPORTANT: Your existing confirmations & reminders settings and templates will be updated when we roll-out this release so you don’t need to make any changes. 

If you would like to learn more about the upcoming automated communications features please click on the link below but please remember that the features won’t be available until we roll-out the release:

Appointment Communications (May 2019) – What’s Changed?

As always, we are here to help if you have any questions either at or now via LIVE CHAT on

Have a great day!

Team WriteUpp

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