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Life Hack – 10 Ways To Become More Productive

SUBTITLEGetting things done is pretty important, especially if you are running your own business.

However, I know from my own experience how easy it is to waste hours of your day trolling through your facebook newsfeed or completing pointless quizzes on buzzfeed. Up until recently I found that my energy levels were constantly fluctuating throughout the day and my productivity along with them.

I decided to make some changes to my every day routine and have definitely noticed improvements in both my productivity and energy levels.

Here’s 9 things that work best for me:

1. Get a Good Nights Sleep. This probably seems like an obvious thing to do, but that one extra hour of sleep at night can really help to improve your productivity levels the next day. I try to aim for 8 hours a night. Ensure you give yourself a few hours to unwind before going to bed and create a bedtime routine that’s easy to follow. I tend to drink a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile or Clipper’s Sleep Easy infusion, read a novel and stay away from my computer, phone and tablet. Electronic devices radiate a type of blue light that confuses our brain into thinking it’s day time and therefore makes it harder to fall asleep.

2. Do Some Morning Exercise – especially if you’re not a morning person! Exercise will not only quickly wake you up but it also gets your metabolism going meaning that you will absorb more energy from the food that you consume throughout the day. As little as 10 minutes of intense cardio can really do the trick.

3. Swap Your Morning Coffee For a Green Tea. I find if I have coffee first thing  in the morning I tend to crash quite badly by about 10am. Instead I have swapped my morning Americano for a refreshing green tea. It still perks me up but the caffeine content is a lot lower meaning that your energy won’t plummet few hours after consuming it. It’s also a powerful antioxidant which cleanses and protects the body among many other health benefits. If you really have to have your daily caffeine fixtry having one around lunch time instead.

4. Eat Breakfast. In all honesty breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day. I barely ever feel hungry at 6.30 am in the morning, however if I skip it I can think of nothing else but food by about 10am. I also find that my attention span seems to be a lot shorter when I miss breakfast, and I struggle to concentrate on one thing for too long. My personal breakfast of choice is porridge oats with a teaspoon of peanut butter. Porridge is rich in fibre and therefore releases its energy slowly, peanut butter is full of healthy fats and energy boosting nutrients that will keep you sharp and focused until lunch.

5. When Possible Keep Your Phone On Silent And Turn Data Roaming Off, that way you won’t be tempted to check those facebook and twitter notifications which can most definitely wait. I tend to only turn the internet on my phone at lunch time when friendly social distractions are welcome.

6. Keep Hydrated. Dehydration equates to less energy.  If you don’t like drinking plain water opt instead for a peppermint (the office  favourite) or fruit tea. Don’t like hot drinks? No problem they taste great cold too.

7. Create Daily Tasks For Yourself. With the amount of emails and phone calls that we all receive in a day it can be easy to forget what you were meaning to get done. Here at WriteUpp HQ we create tasks for ourselves and each other and regularly check the tasklist thoughout the day. It keeps us organised and it’s also really satisfying ticking off a task that you have completed.

8. Take Regular Breaks. Do some stretches, make a cup of tea or pop outside for a few minutes of fresh air. Our brain can only concentrate for so long and little breaks can really break up the day nicely and keep us productive.

9. Read It Later. I manage our social media channels which means that I come across many great articles everyday day that I really want to read but simply don’t have the time to. I now use Pocket, a free online safe-for-later service that allows me to store great articles, blogs and recipes which I can then access on my phone, tablet or computer even when I am offline.

10. Forget Redbull -Take Iron and Vitamin B Supplements.
Iron helps to produce red blood cells which carry oxygen to the body. When we don’t consume enough Iron we have less oxygen in the blood and in return feel tired. Vitamin B12 helps to the body to absorb Iron and is also required for proper energy absorption from food. I have been taking these supplements for about 6 months and can now get through the day without the desperate need for a nap.

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