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iOS Healthbook App – Could Change Health and Fitness Market

Healthbook app monitors activity, nutrition, blood pressure and sugar, sleep, respiratory rate and heart rate.

Apple is never usually the first to enter the market. The iPad wasn’t the first released tablet and iPhone was not the first smartphone.

However when they do enter the market, they usually win it.

New details about its Healthbook app have been revealed from sources speaking to 9to5Mac. Apple plans putting health and fitness at the centre its new version of iOS.

Screenshots which have been leaked show that Healthbook will have similar stylistic details to Passbook, Apples app which collects movie tickets, airline tickets and coupons. However what sets Healthbook apart from everything else currently on the market is the many different health and fitness features which Healthbook is set to track.

Currently in development

The leaked information revealed that Healthbook like many other apps will monitor your physical activity, nutrition, weight and sleep, however what sets it apart is that it will also monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation as well as recording the most vital health information in an Emergency Card.

Whilst the app is still in the development stage at Apple and most likely won’t be released until the launch of iOS 8, the screenshots show that Apple are taking health and fitness very seriously.

Similarly, Samsung have shown their ambition to capture this fast growing section of the market which until now has always been dominated by Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone, by launching the Galaxy S5 smartphone along with the Gear Fit smartwatch.

Unanswered Question

The huge amount of information revealed by 9to5mac has been very interesting, the question main question that remains is how exactly all this information is going to be collected.

An obvious conclusion is that Healthbook will work closely with the iWatch, Apple’s widely rumoured smartwatch which is expected to be launched later this year.

In the recent years Apple have made some serious investments in the health, fitness, sleep and blood monitoring areas, with as many as 200 people now thought to be working on the iWatch project.

Recently leaked details about the Healthbook suggest the iWatch will feature a wide variety of sensors to collect data that the M7 motion co-processor in the iPhone 5s isn’t technically capable of – such as heart rate, blood sugar levels and oxygen saturation.

Despite this it is likely that the Healthbook app will also work with most third-party health and fitness devices which are already available on the market, from fitness trackers such as the Fitbit Flex and Nike Fuelband to smart weighing scales from Withings and heart rate monitors from Wahoo.

Emergency health details

A section within Healthbook will be Emergency Card, which will store all of a users relevant health information such as their blood type, age, weight, address, contact information and whether or not they are an organ donor. This information could be critical to doctors in emergency situations if the patient is unable to speak.

Healthbook provides an idea of just how important the fast evolving health and fitness market is for Apple, especially with iPhone sales growth flagging in most markets.

iOS predicted launch date is in Autumn of 2014 with the iPhone 6 and iWatch if Apple can finish developing the hardware in time.

Potential for Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists

The possibilities for health and fitness professionals, including Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists, is tremendous. It isn’t inconceivable that professionals could feed this data either real-time or via alerts directly into their practice management systems. The data could even be used to tailor fitness or rehab regimes.

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