If you take card payments in your practice you may have seen some communications from your provider recently, on the upcoming changes being implemented to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). This article provides a reminder of what SCA is, how it’s evolving and the implications for you and your clients. 

What is SCA?

SCA is a European regulatory requirement which came into effect in September 2019, and is designed to make card payments more secure and help reduce fraud.

What is changing?

From 1 June, SCA will gradually begin to include 3D Secure, an additional verification step, when clients make payment online. Full enforcement of this will then take place from 14 September, to include 3D Secure on all online payments made in the UK.

What does this mean for you and your customers?

This change simply means that customers will go through an additional verification step when paying for your services. Typically, the customer will be directed to an authentication page on their bank’s website, where they’ll be asked to enter a password associated with the card or a single use code sent to their phone.

Is there anything you need to do?

Most payment providers like Square and Stripe are dynamically applying these changes, so there should be no need for you to do anything.

How will this impact you and your customers?

Here at WriteUpp we don’t anticipate any issues arising from these changes. We’ve prepared everything required on our side, however please note that you may experience more declined or incomplete payments, as clients get used to the additional verification measures required by SCA.

Got any questions?

Please feel free to contact us at or grab us for a live chat if you have any questions or need any further clarity on this at all.