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The Best “Expressive Language” Apps – Reviewed By a Speech Therapist

There are many Language Apps for iPad that can be used effectively to develop your child’s language and written expression.

Children are now using technology devices such as iPads from a very young age, therefore using a technology platform which is familiar to them can greatly enhance their engagement and response to Speech and Language Therapy (SLT).

Lois Brady, a San Francisco based Speech and Language Therapist routinely incorporates ‘iTherapy’ with her students.

Below is a video in which she reviews and demos some of the best apps that work effectively in her personal practice.


The Apps reviewed in the video are:

  • Prologuo2go by AssistiveWare 
  •  My Choice Board by Good Karma Applications
  • Assistive Chat by Assistive Apps
  •  Predictable by Therapy Box
  • TapSpeak Button by TapSpeak Apps
  • Sign 4 Me by Signing Apps
  • Insert IMAGES of app screenshots 

Brady explains that the voice output component in an Expressive Language App is key for positive development results.

“I want to let everyone know that the voice output component is very very important and research does back that up. I’ve tried some of the [apps] ones that don’t have the voice output and they are not nearly as effective. The students really enjoy hearing the voice and modelling after it, so it is a very important feature to ensure it has”

Learn more about Lois Brady on her website.

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