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Are you licenced correctly?

I wanted to let you know that in February we will be performing an audit of licence usage.

Why are we doing this?

  1. We’ve noticed that a small number of sites are breaching our Terms & Conditions (Accounts and Passwords) by either sharing a single generic login (such as, for multiple members of staff or using a colleague’s login to access WriteUpp.
  2. GDPR is coming in May 2018 and this will require you to ensure that your system is adequately secured. We have provided features like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to assist with this but one key requirement will be the need to ensure that every user that has access to the system is uniquely identifiable via their own username and password.

What should you do?

We realise that its easy to overlook these things so during January you should:

  • Go to Settings->Users and ensure that every user has a unique username and password (i.e. one that is specific to them and only them)
  • If you identify users that don’t have their own username and password you will need to increase your subscription so that you can give them their own unique credentials

If you are unsure about your licencing position or if you need any help please contact us at and we will be very happy to help.

What if I do nothing?

We know that the vast majority of our users value the service that we provide and are fully and correctly licenced. So, there will be nothing to do.

However, if you choose not to review your licencing by Midnight on 31st January 2018 and you are in breach of our terms and conditions we will contact you and let you know that we expect you to rectify your licencing position within 5 working days.

Please also keep in mind that with the approach of GDPR sites sharing logins (without alternate security provisions) risk non compliance and may be liable to fines of up to €20m or 4% of turnover (whichever is greater).

Thanks for your cooperation on this.

CEO & Co-Founder

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