#1 Keep Everything in One GDPR-Ready Place

Many of our clients tell us how much they value the peace of mind they gain from knowing that their data is stored securely in one place where they can get a consistent and complete view of every piece of information that relates to their client’s treatment.
To get started and see how easy it is when you have everything in one place just follow the steps below:

Then just click on the Active Patient button in the top right corner of WriteUpp
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You’ll then see the Patient Summary with everything neatly organised into easily accessible tabs – see below
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#2 – Stay On Top of your Performance

Running a business, seeing clients, keeping up with professional developments and juggling everything else that you do is tough. The WriteUpp Dashboard provides you with a simple snapshot of how your business is performing so that you’re constantly assured that your business is on track.
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To find out more about the Dashboard and start using it as your default homepage in WriteUpp check out:
Using the WriteUpp Dashboard

#3 – Eradicate No-Shows

The combination of SMS/Email Reminders and pre-payment for clients booking online will dramatically reduce your no-shows.
SMS/Email Reminders are dead easy to set up. To get started all you need to do is:

If you’d like to start taking pre-payments from clients that book online you should:

#4 – Save Time on Billing

No one likes paperwork, especially billing. Keeping on top of billing is simple. You can quickly create invoices based on appointments attended, keep track of payments and improve cashflow.
“It offers me peace of mind regarding the security of my patient notes but also has lots of other features that are easy to use and are great time savers, such as producing invoices and keeping track of payments.”
Angeli Degardin – Hampstead Children’s Clinic
To get started:

#5 – Streamline Payment with Stripe

Chasing clients for payment is time consuming and often very frustrating. Eradicate the hassle for you and your clients by including a Stripe pay link/button in your invoices.
How do I connect Stripe to WriteUpp so that I can take online payments?

#6 – Spend Less Time Booking Appointments & Make Life Easier for Your Clients

If you’re running a busy practice you can spend a lot of time either answering the phone or dealing with appointment related admin. Online Booking saves this time for you and gives your clients the freedom and flexibility to book appointments online 24*7.
To get started with Online Booking:

#7 – Spend Less Time Writing Letters

Letters to insurers, medico-legal, referrers and patients all take time. WriteUpp takes the hassle out producing professional clinical documentation by providing you with customisable document templates.
To get started with Document Templates:


#8 Create Your Own Forms

Forms provide a great way to employ rigour and structure and that’s especially true in a busy healthcare practice where “due process” and compliance are critical.
The WriteUpp Form Builder enables you to build your own customised assessment forms, screening questionnaires and checklists. Better still, you can use them on your desktop, tablet or mobile.
The following article explains more:
Getting Started with Form Builder

#9 Stay Productive on the Go

We all live busy lives these days and we all want to make the most of our free time so we’ve developed the WriteUpp iOS and Android apps to help you make the most of your downtime. Whether you’re between appointments, on the the bus or grabbing a cheeky latte you’ll be able to use WriteUpp quickly and easily on your mobile.
Download WriteUpp now from your preferred app store and login with your regular WriteUpp credentials.
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To learn more about the mobile app you may want to check out the mobile section of the WriteUpp Help Centre:
WriteUpp for iOS & Android

Or watch the video playlist dedicated to the WriteUpp App:

WriteUpp App Playlist