You may not be a natural mathematician but if you’re seriously committed to using your website as a key referral source for your business you need to understand what’s happening on your site.
Google Analytics (GA) is free to use and it will provide you with untold insights into the performance of your website. Here’s a small fraction of the intelligence you can glean:

  • What device visitors are using – find out if most of your visitors are accessing your site via their mobiles.
  • Where are your visitors coming from.
  • Which pages on your site (and blog) are your visitors reading? – really useful to see which content/articles are resonating with your audience.
  • How long people stay on your site.
  • How many pages they visit in your site before exiting.
  • How many people are visiting your site.

This represents less than 1% of what GA can do for you and did I mention it’s FREE!
If you have a Google account go to:
and click on “Access Google Analytics”. Then you’ll need to get your website developer to insert a small piece of tracking code on your site and the world is your oyster!
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