These days there’s no excuse for not fully understanding the needs of your clients.
This goes beyond what you might be able to glean via a Review, where the feedback comprises of a 5-Star Rating and a comment.
Here we’re talking about something more pro-active where you go out and seek the opinion of your clients (& possibly prospective clients) on specific issues or ideas (“Market Testing” if you watch Dragons Den!), for example

  • changes to opening hours
  • online booking
  • additional services you’re thinking about offering

If you want to survey your customers you will obviously need their email addresses (which you can extract from your practice management system) and you’ll need to send them a brief email (or include it in one of your monthly/quarterly newsletters). Then in the email just link them through to your survey – we use both Google Forms and  SurveyMonkey for this.
Keep the survey brief. I would advise including no more than 4-5 questions and aim to keep the completion time below a couple of minutes.
Lastly, bear in mind statistical significance! Normally when research is performed professionally you need a minimal sample size before you can draw any meaning from the findings. In all probability you won’t have a big enough sample (unless you have ‘000’s of customers) to be assured of a statistically significant outcome but it should give you a decent steer!
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