Like Social Media, Email Marketing is another tool in your armoury to help you spread the word about you, your business and your expertise.
Some clients ask why we don’t provide a mechanism to “mass email” clients. The simple answer is we don’t want you to be a “spam” your lovely clients. These days most mail clients (like GMail) have sophisticated spam detection built-in and your email (if you choose to bulk email) will likely be relegated to the spam filter or worse still your domain will be blacklisted.
Instead, we leave it to the professionals like Mailchimp and Constant Contact to manage and deliver email campaigns and you should to. They follow best practices and give you the best possible chance of your emai actually being read.
So, to the content…
Much like blogging you need to be realistic about what you can commit to and then stick to it. I would start off by publishing a Quarterly email newsletter with 5 – 7 articles (sourced from your blog) in it. Lest you forget the reason you’re doing this is to a) demonstrate your subject-matter credibility b) encourage the reader to click through to your site. So the (email) piece itself should contain teasers of each article (perhaps the first paragraph) and then a “Read More” link that takes the recipient through to your blog.
Keep the design consistent (and simple), avoid too many images, make sure it’s mobile friendly and be sure to include links to your various social media platforms.
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