The Customer Testimonial has been “used and abused” by many businesses but its still a major convincer if the consumer feels that the review mechanism is legitimate.
Let me illustrate…
You go on a website and you see an unattributed review positioned in quote marks. Likelihood is you instantly dismiss it although subliminally it may have a slight impact.
By comparison, when you’re shopping on Amazon how often do you? a) only purchase a product with review and/or b) read the reviews offered by consumers about products.
Credibility is key. Amazon’s mechanism works because each review is based on a verified purchase. Now Google is trying to bring this same credibility to its search results and in case you didn’t pick up on this earlier you get this service for FREE if you sign-up for Google My Business.
All you need to do is point your clients towards your review page when you discharge them and bingo – instant reviews!
Inevitably, you might be fearful that you don’t always get 5* reviews (and you might not). I see two benefits from this i) you get to find out about unvoiced negative sentiment (which you can then fix) ii) your reviews will, to a certain extent, look more credible if they have some variation.
It might seem a little scary be “reviewed” by your clients but it will undeniably help you to improve your business and it’ll also help to drive more traffic to your site (as long as the reviews are decent!).
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