Social media is a key tool for spreading the word about you, your content and your expertise.
Do it right and it’ll pay dividends for you, but do it wrong and you will waste EPIC amounts of time for absolutely NO GAIN
So, what to do?

  • COMMIT – pick the platforms that a) you are familiar with b) that you know your audience are on (Bebo, ain’t it!) c) that will have an impact on your business objectives (which kind of means you’ll need to do something with Google+).
  • Set your profile up correctly and completely – write an informative bio; use an appropriate profile picture – generally not your company logo – people connect with people not with faceless companies; add links where you can get them.
  • Before you start following/liking etc. fill up your timeline with interesting posts. The first thing most people generally do when they are deciding to connect with you is look at your posting history, your bio and your profile picture so it pays to be well prep’d before you start getting “social”.
  • Don’t follow/like to be followed/liked back – Follow people that are going to share useful and informative content with you. Then interact – comment, like, favourite, retweet – you need to be generous and you will reap the dividends, eventually.
  • Be disciplined with what you post. If your timeline contains highly varied content potential followers won’t be clear about what they will gain from following you.
  • Be sure to post your own articles (from your blog) on social media and don’t be afraid to re-post as its easy for followers to miss things.
  • Consider using a tool like Buffer to manage and schedule your posts.

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