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iPad-based Constant Therapy for Speech and Brain Disorders

A company has been launched which aims to deliver iPad-based speech and language therapy in the patient’s own home.

Constant Therapy has been founded by Veera Anantha, a technology entrepreneur who states he was surprised by the “expensive, inaccessible and tedious” nature of some clinic-based rehabilitation therapies.

The Constant Therapy app can be downloaded by patient’s onto an iPad, giving them access to easy-to-use, evidence-based therapies for cognitive, language, communication and learning disorders. It is designed specifically for patients with brain injuries and disorders, and includes hundreds of exercises that can form part of personalised plans for patients.

For clinicians, the platform also provides a number of powerful tool enabling them to administer tests, provide therapy, and monitor progress for their patients using the data analytics platform.

The platform is already in use at one hospital in the US, and being tested in a 50-patient clinical study due to finish in July. Speech and Language Therapists and patients with traumatic brain injuries can request to join the free beta by emailing the company.

“We talk about how healthcare needs to be more outcome-driven and patient-controlled,” Anantha said. “That’s exactly what this is.”

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